Andre Crom delivers a musical soundscape with his latest release on OFF Recordings

Artist: Andre Crom
Title: Claritas
Label: OFF Recordings
Cat. No: OFF141
Release: 5th December 2016
Genre: House/Techno

OFF Recordings is far from an unknown name in the world of house, techno, and electronic music as a whole. Berlin-based Andre Crom founded the label in 2008, and it didn’t take long before the label was recognized as one of the major international players in the scene, releasing music from artists such as Pleasurekraft, Metodi Hristov, Nakadia, Jaceo and Kruse & Nürnberg. The label has a continuously growing fan base in every part of the world due to the steady stream of high-quality music moving between genres such as house, techno and electronica.

Label boss Andre Crom is a man of constant change, always looking for new ways to develop his style, reinvent his sets and collect new experiences. This year we followed his musical journey, putting himself on the map as a full-time producer in addition to his solid DJ performances all over the world. Through making a big step into the world of producing he is showing a skilled diversity in his work with music. The transformation followed a move in his sound from house to techno, with other underlying inspirations bubbling up.

This is where we meet ‘Claritas’. The solid one-tracker release represents the journey he has taken over the last year sound wise. Andre delivers nothing short of a dance floor energy pusher, continuing the trend we have seen on his label as well. A straight groove intertwines with on point percussive work, and together it builds a perfect frame for the house chords, altogether giving the track a feeling of high intensity.

It is great to see such a passionate artist submerge himself in music, giving his personal musical soundscape and experience a place to grow outwards. ‘Claritas’ is a track that can easily become a classic and a great addition to anyone’s vinyl collection.

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