Andreas Henneberg talks about his 15-hour live stream and the discovery of his own, forgotten productions that have a new lease of life

Berlin-based Andreas Henneberg had a pretty remarkable couple of months. First, off he did a 15-hour live stream DJ set playing only his own productions, and an idea was born. Still having so much good, unreleased music he decided to release one track each day on Bandcamp for the whole of June.

Not everyone has done a 15-hour DJ set, and not everyone has done a 15-hour DJ set consisting solely of his or her own productions. Andreas talks about his motivation behind this incredible journey…

“Actually it was never the plan to stream live for 15+ hours. What happened is that I played for the US crew Desert Hearts, and they got a front-page feature on Twitch. It sounds crazy, but this brought me up to 20k constant viewers and an overall reach of 3 million viewers. Would you stop playing, when a football stadium full of people are watching? Luckily I prepared enough music for this marathon.”

“While figuring out the live stream format and using this as a tool to connect with his fans and showcasing the music he made during the lockdown months, Andreas decided to do just that. An open-end set, playing only music from his “Andreas Henneberg” project. Every now and then I go back to my archives and listen to some older sketches or ideas. Every time I find music where I ask my self why I never sent it to a label or released it by myself. Maybe it did not fit my style at the time I produced it, or it was a “just for fun” session.”

“I have around 5500 tracks that I made within the last 22 years. All kind of genres and styles. That’s a lot of music, which nobody will probably ever hear. Now in times of Covid-19 and all the live streaming I had the idea to showcase some of the best and mostly finished productions. Just for fun. It took me 2-3 days to check out all these tunes and do a selection of around 100 unreleased and 600 released Henneberg tracks and remixes.”

Andreas continued…  “I didn’t organize anything else except putting all of these tracks in random order on my USB stick. I got so much overwhelming feedback that I decided to release some of these tracks on Bandcamp for the ones who would like to listen again or even to play them in their own DJ sets. Like I said before, the ones that made it into the final selection are definitely way too interesting to never be heard.”

“Maybe I will do a similar thing with my The Glitz and Cascandy projects. There is still so much material left that nobody knows yet.”

“While being on this long journey, he seemed to rediscover some of his own work, and a new idea was born. Why not use some of this material to bring some joy to his fans? Having produced music for 20 years, there was a lot still unreleased, good and bad. There is a constantly growing folder on my studio computer called “Unreleased-But-Nice”. This folder was about to explode after I dug through all the different archives and HD’s as I found so many tracks I had totally forgotten about. Most were just sketches, some with a playtime of just a minute or two.”

“I did not really change anything on the tracks themselves, not even the mixdowns. The only thing I did was to give them a fresh mastering so that you can play it out loud without the tracks sounding weak or bad.”

Andreas continued… “Every single track should get its own attention as they were all made in different years, moods or for different reasons. We are talking about 30+ tracks in different genres and I guess it would be a bit too heavy to release all of them at once. And also it is nice to give people a little something to look forward to each day. That’s why I decided to release one track each day for all of June.”

If you like the sound of what you listened to, you can check out Andreas’ releases here on Bandcamp.

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