Andres Campo and Ramiro Lopez collaborate for the latest release on Odd Recordings

Spain’s techno ‘boy next door’ Andres Campo returns to the brilliant Odd Recordings with EP ‘Marito. The three-tracker is the third collaboration with his friend, Odd label co-boss Ramiro Lopez.

“We made these tracks at Andres’ studio” Ramiro says. “They were very productive days; we were quite inspired. Almost too much fun! I have a great connection with Andres, he’s like family. I´m at his place whenever I´m in Barcelona and we usually go to training. The EP is named after ‘Marito Cruz’ his personal trainer and ‘No Limits’ is the name of the gym. We always use names with a personal story behind them.”

‘Marito Cruz’ is a driving force of a release with incredible reactions in Andres’ recent sets at Watergate, Amnesia, and festivals such as Weekend Beach. According to the guys, it may be the most special of the tracks, as they used a low-frequency oscillator on the synth line to make it crazy.

‘Bulgari’ is a straight-up peak-time weapon, the vocal cutting through a thunderous pounding beat. Andres says, ‘it uses a simple base with a powerful groove and a very well-known sample vocal, it works like a charm in sets’.

‘No Limits’ brings even more layers with echoed elements and a pizzicato top line. They used Elektron Digitakt for the hook and turned down the tempo to create a special tension.

“Ramiro uses Logic and I work with Ableton but we have the same ideas in the studio”, Andres says. “With this EP we wanted to use proper techno tools, some of them with a crazy break. The whole package is a perfect weapon for techno DJs who want to bring the heat on the dancefloor.”

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