Andre Crom hits hard with a percussive techno peak timer – Destiny

Artist: Andre Crom
Title: Destiny
Label: OFF Recordings
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

One of the things I love about music, and writing about music is the discovery of new artists and producers. Andre Crom is by no means a new artist, but he’s a name that is pretty fresh to me. The OFF Recordings label boss is on banging form here with his new release, Destiny.

The title track is a ruthless, bass, and percussion heavy techno peak timer which certainly has main room and warehouse parties written all over it. Fans of Tronic, Drumcode, Intec and the like will certainly enjoy the plethora of the searing, relentless drums, the dark pounding bassline and the dungeonesque style vocals. You might want to turn this one down to avoid any confrontation with the neighbours! If you don’t like your neighbours, crank it up. But I didn’t tell you to do that!

Following on from Andre’s original comes a remix of ‘Destiny’ by Trace7000. This one is at a slightly lower tempo and could well slot nicely into a tech-house set. I don’t know why but this reminds me a little of the early days of house music. Maybe you can hear it too? Good use of percussion and a great, catchy melody make this a more spacey affair than the original, while the vocal is more extended too.

Last up, Andre offers up another original track. ‘Fulfilled’ isn’t too dissimilar to the original of ‘Destiny’, just with a few added effects and knob twiddling, making for a nice techno pounder. The start to middle of this track has kind of techno/tech house haunt with an eerie melody and dark break, which leads to a crescendo of cymbal patterns and that familiar unforgiving beat. Nice release all round!