Aparde announces new remix EP featuring remixes from Lusine, Robot Koch, and Ruede Hagelstein

In the summer of 2019, German musician Aparde released ‘Hands Rest’, an album that ingeniously navigated the tenuous line between electronic music and avant-garde pop, to great acclaim. While capturing the thumping essence of Berlin’s club scene, in which Aparde is immersed, ‘Hands Rest’ also took listeners to the depths of the musician himself, far from clubs and live sets, to a world that is both intimate and profound. Aparde now opens up his album for a select group of friends and fellow producers, namely Lusine, Robot Koch, and Ruede Hagelstein, to explore its depths through three remixes.

There is undoubtedly a lot of Aparde in ‘Hands Rest’, not only through what he hand-crafted on his analogue equipment, but also through his own voice. “I use my voice in each track either as a sound element or as a lyrical component, that is, as classical pop songwriting.” It comes as no surprise that the arresting vocals on ‘Hands Rest’ were the starting point for all three musicians when working on the remixes. “The vocal stem was really kind of hypnotizing all on its own, so I thought that would be a good one to build on,” says American producer, Lusine, who has been masterfully blurring the lines of electro-pop and techno for nearly two decades. The IDM producer offered his take of Integrity, one of ‘Hands Rest’ more stimulating dance tracks. A fixture of Berlin’s nightlife and famed Watergate resident, Ruede Hagelstein introduced his own strain of techno in Layers, inserting the original soft vocals into a rougher lexicon. “The broken beats are atypical for me, but a bit gaudier than the original that is so nice and gentle,” says Hagelstein. Also inspired by Aparde’s sublime voice, producer Robot Koch, well-known for his organic and futuristic sound, kept No Need’s original vocals as the main theme in his remix, combining them with ethereal cello arrangements of his own.

‘Hands Rest – Remixes’ is a manifestation of the many layers that make up Aparde as an artist. Lusine, Koch and Hagelstein single out and exalt different elements of Aparde’s sound for their remixes, displaying their, as well as Aparde’s, vast stylistic range and technical abilities. It is after all the duality of an artist who is both entertaining Berlin’s nightlife through electronic sounds and delving deep into his own emotions through avant-garde pop, that epitomises ‘Hands Rest’. With the remixes, the album ceases to be the exclusive domain of Aparde’s emotions and becomes a canvas for broader sentiments and expressions from some of the veterans of the electronic music.

The EP comes out via Ki Records on 21st February 2020.

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