Arcadia returns to Glastonbury

Arcadia - Glastonbury Festival 2022. Credit: Charlie Raven

Thousands of revellers at Arcadia, the 50-tonne fire breathing Spider, enjoying Groove Armada as the arena lights up the night sky at Glastonbury Festival on Friday evening. Arcadia was founded by creative engineers Bert Cole and Pip Rush, both inspired by nature and driven to unite people for positive change.

Incubated at Glastonbury Festival, Arcadia draws on talent from across the arts, theatre and circus disciplines, supporting cultural celebrations and iconic music festivals around the globe.

Glastonbury is back after the pandemic and it’s where Arcadia was born and its where they developed their art.

It is unique, and it is one of the only environments in the world where new ideas can be nurtured and developed without having to have immediate commercial viability. Most of the incredible things you see on the festival circuit started life as a bonkers idea at Glastonbury, and Pangea is no exception.

With 5 years in the making, Pangea aims to be the first hemispherical DJ stage in the world. Year 1 the repurposed 120 tonne structure moved from Avonmouth docks to the fields of Glastonbury. Year 2 will see new life populate the sky. Who knows where year 3 will take them… but it won’t be anywhere you’ve been before

Watch the 2019 Pangea aftermovie

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