Argentinian producer Memory all set to release Dysnomia on Sudbeat Music.

Artist: Memory
Title: Dysnomia
Label: Sudbeat Music
Release date: 7th August 2017
Cat No: SB116
Genre: Progressive House

Italian resident with Argentinian roots, please give a round of applause to the explosive talent of Memory, whose poised to take out his offering on the incredible Sudbeat imprint titled – “Dysnomia”. The release includes three more original tracks that make your heart sore, cause good music is good music!

The title track fast ends a centre line as the musician digs deep to provide us with oodles of clean cut bass and powdery thuds meandering around a quirky melodic meant for late night excursions. This one has my thumbs up as all of the work nestles nicely against a bed of rhythmic groove laden body and precious kick. By the time you reach the culling break down the subtle hypnotic rolling vibe is infectious enough to put you in to a trance, and from thereon you never come back down.

Next up – “Chuen” is like trekking up to a snowy peak, with a wonky spell binding pad that just goes on and on. The thudding bass locks on to an inspired arp aching and echoing with a shiny splintering moody background of electronics and then that vocal gives you soothing dollops of rave nostalgia that’s bitter-sweet to the heart. This track infuses everything good in to dance music and you get swept away by the steady clip and trot of the arrangement right to the end.

“Amancay” gives the EP a move on in to a dancing direction, the one which should work fabulously on a floor. Buoyed by a no nonsense clutter and clipped bass line, a taut beat joins a chord heavy breakdown and makes for a damn sure fire hit.

Finishing up – “Delfo” is gummy but not bounding or bonging, as you fixate on to the beauteous vocal supplement which lends the track a hesitancy and charming insides that’s too good to bear at times. Always keeping the groove with subtle variations of melody, this is exciting fresh work from a producer we need to watch out for, he is the one we weren’t expecting to give dance music a shakeup. The lilting rhythms and smoke laden electronics tremble, it’s dreamy, but with teeth!!

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