Artist and conservationist, Dominik Eulberg releases new single and music video

Dominik Eulberg, the studied conservationist, producer, DJ and artist, releases new single and accompanying music video for ‘Schwarzhalstaucher’. Taken from Eulberg’s forthcoming sixth studio album ‘Avichrom’, which is set for release on March 4th 2022 via !K7 Records, Schwarzhalstaucher is available to stream and purchase from today.

‘Schwarzhalstaucher’ which translates as “Black-necked grebe” is the next offering from Eulberg’s new album which pays homage to the beauty and diversity of birds. Through Dominik’s studies, he notes that “the grebe with the bright red eyes often builds floating nests in colonies, which it attaches to water plants. Here it is safe from hydrophobic nest predators such as foxes or wildcats”, a story which is brought to life via director and animator Swen Jaton’s accompanying music video.

The new album, ‘Avichrom’, which in Eulberg’s neologism translates as “bird colours” reflects in his work on the exuberant variety and diversity of the colours contained across a number of different birds’ plumage – birds such as the greenfinch, the golden plover, the blue tit, the purple heron and more. The album was first announced in November 2021 with opening single and music video for Rotmilan which has been created and directed by Alessandro Cracolici.

The full body of work first began to take shape over the course of two intense weeks in the winter of Covid lockdown and were elaborated upon, arranged and mixed in the months after. Eulberg made use of the enforced break from performing gigs at festivals and in clubs, to fervently home in on the musical details. The result is an album which Eulberg has delivered to be immediately moving for the listener with new details being revealed across each consecutive listen. Intentionally similar to a walk-in nature when newfound structures continually change and develop to those who listen and observe closely, ‘Avichrom’ mirrors Eulberg’s two disparate professions – the artist and the conservationist.

With the album exploring Eulberg’s long and studied relationship with birds, a passion which he has dedicated himself to since early on in his childhood, ‘Avichrom’ draws from his large pool of memories and encounters with a range of different bird species – these experiences have been distilled into his music in a concentrated form.

“Making music, in the end, is nothing other than the selection of an endless number of options and in this regard, the birds have helped me find a red thread.” – Dominik Eulberg

A widely respected artist and touring DJ who has mastered all the different steps of production from scratch and who obsessively tweaks the smallest details, ‘Avichrom’ sees Eulberg return to !K7 following his earlier LP, ‘Mannigfaltig’. The 2019 album which picked up media support from the likes of Mixmag, XLR8R, DJ Mag, TSUGI, CLASH Music and many more.

On the live front, Eulberg has graced the stages of many of the world’s most sought-after clubs and festivals including Loveland Festival, Printworks, Gottwood, Awakenings Festival and more, along with performing an acclaimed and innovative live performance for United We Stream in 2020 at Berlin’s Natural History Museum.

Dominik Eulberg – Avichrom will be released on March 4th 2022 via !K7 Records.

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