Artist Damon Roberts creates incredible audio themed abstractions

Damon Roberts has been working exclusively for the last 13 years with the silkscreen print process. From his base ‘Glass Siren Studio’ in the city of Leeds, he has released a constant stream of experimental print productions heavily influenced by the world of Sound and Electronic Music.

“Being able to explore sound and music in visual terms is something that has always interested me. This led to me to becoming obsessed with the silkscreen process and its possibilities. Over time i’ve built an array of custom printing equipment to help me realise the ideas which seem to be forever dominating my thoughts. It was fascination with album cover art and music from an early age is which set me off on this creative trajectory in the first place. What i do now at the studio in terms of printmaking is just the natural progression from those early sparks of influence.”

Synesthesia loosely describes the state of being able to see sound. This phenomenon has been referenced in many of his abstract print productions to date. His latest release Title ‘Pitch Mode’ marks the beginning of a new series of work exploring and twisting into new visual forms the often fetishised pieces of audio technology which is at the heart of a lot of the music he’s been inspired by.

These emerging audio themed abstractions are brought to life by hand using a variety of experimental silkscreen print techniques he’s been developing at his studio. The new ‘Pitch Mode’ prints feature familiar visual elements of Rolands classic tb-303 machines which have been morphed into new abstracted forms. These are signature editions of only 20 pieces each, created using a five-layer metal ink print process. Full details of these and his other works can be seen on his website.

Decoded readers can grab a 20% discount on these brand new print releases via his website using the code, DECODE303A during the month of July.

About the Author

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