ASC delivers blissful ethereal sounds along with deep driving amen breaks for his ‘A Storm In Space’ EP

ASC is a producer that always delivers on quality whether it is ambient electric sounds, breaks, or techno. Blissful atmospherics wash behind heavy amens on the track ‘Spacewalk’, and tightly constructed old-school style breaks thump along with subtle effects to create a vibe that will take you to a world beyond ours.

A distinctive crisp unorthodox beat pattern opens ‘Oceans’ and sets the tone for this beautiful composition of smooth pads and earthy basslines, a dreamy treat which builds the vibe as the track progresses.

‘Messages from Space’ opens with a mellow, eerie intro that washes in before the ‘Spectrum’ breaks, heavy on the ride cymbals, take centre stage in this lunar-inspired composition.

Energetic rapid-fire break work punctuates ‘Quiet Storm’ with drum funk vibes that sound immense at this BPM, playfully filtered, surrounded by delicate atmospherics and an understated vocal sample, a treat for the breaks fans.

Words by Chris Hayes (Spatial / Red Mist)

‘A Storm In Space’ is out now on Auxiliary sub-label Spatial and available to buy/stream HERE.