The latest release from Ash Roy & Calm Chor gets the remix treatment by Ambivalent and DJ Lion & Tomy Wahl

Artist: Ash Roy, Calm Chor
Title: New Toys
Label: Soupherb Records
Released: 26th December 2016
Cat No: SH033
Genre: Techno

Friends Ash Roy & Calm Chor are two of the busiest performers on the circuit, plus label heads, who seem less restless. They have found a comfortable soundscape, settling in a style which looks good on both. To end the year on a high they have released a new track via their imprint, Soupherb Records, which features some impressive remixes.

First up, ‘New Toys’ (original mix) pays rest to those effect-fest moments sometimes with knob-happy tweaks appearing for the sake of general invigoration, rather than serving a more direct purpose and welcome the ones who just let the track do its job. This one does not need any of that, as the skipping beats alongside a monstrous bass line, flirtatiously nasty acid grooves, may not be for the faint hearted but it’s purposeful tempo and Techno ridden lines make you head straight to the middle of the floor.

The first to appear on remix duties is Kevin McHugh better known as, Ambivalent, makes it burning and there’s a feel of a different kind of sound in development: experimenting, nevertheless, plenty of kudos for it, and in such neat combination of playability and introducing a squeaky, drummy goodness that it’d really be boorish to complain too much. He hastens the pace two notches higher with tingles and shards of shiny highs quite different from the original, yet manages the rework from slipping away in to just being a banger, there are some interesting moments in the monotone line.

To finish up we get DJ Lion & Tomy Wahl providing their interpretation which is surprising at best. This one’s changed in to a staccato rhythm that’s good enough to make some shapes on, with intelligent out of the ordinary electronics in place, for what could have been over-shadowed by the previous two versions. The languid quality during a break down only throws you in to some serious muscle from there-on with gnarled bass riffs and a dissonant visceral power getting hold of your feet to the very end.

This entire bunch puts together a solid Techno record which is meant for late night histrionics.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.