Audioglider leads the new progressive charge with Dewdrop Avalanche

Artist : Audioglider
Title : Dewdrop Avalanche
Label : Stellar Fountain
Release : 20 July 2015
Genre : Deep Progressive

Audioglider is a world class producer, but many won’t know his name. Like a lot of very talented producers from the early days of the century, he’s happy to make music in the background, while other (less talented) prima donnas fight for your attention. True DJs, guys like Nick Warren though, know a quality tune, and dig relentlessly to find them. Tracks which give them an edge in this instantaneous digital world. Those are the kind of tracks Roberto Sondano (aka Audioglider) makes. Tracks that stand the test of time, and become better with age; progressive in its purest form. Here Stellar Fountain treats us to three brilliant Audioglider masterpieces which encompass his unique take on dance music – Spaced Out Nu Disco Prog Shoegaze fusion, as he eloquently puts it.

Lead track – Dewdrop Avalanche is just that, like a modern classical composition, its beauty is in its simplicity. Each section of the track leads neatly into the next as if three or four records were to bleed perfectly into one. Starting with a low slung bongo groove, one shot keys and some interesting shaker arrangements which give way to a mournful piano and pad before the first break. Imagine if Leftfield were making dub progressive still and you kinda get the idea behind this track. Brilliantly paced, the dub FX ricochet around my headphones as the male vocal informs us to”just keep moving..” Synths reach crescendos before a neat acid line takes over to drive things forward. The second break acts cleverly as a coda which completely changes the feel of the track into something incredibly uplifting, due to the soaring orchestral pads and keyboard. Breathtaking.

Slyly Strung draws some influence from the tail end of Dewdrop. Quickly into the melody of the track, the break here serves as a mellowing out section and a great place to add further musical ideas, giving the second half of the track more melodic elements for a really chilled e-moment. Rounding off the track is a meaty sub bass section, which I absolutely love, and for the more creative digital DJs out there, will form a really exciting tool for transitioning to the next section of your set.

A Deeper Slumber is pure 90s trance. Nods to the classic early Goa scene come in the form of the female vocal and a few interesting production techniques. Deep, groovy and melancholy, this is very much the sound of Sasha in the late 90s and my pick of the EP. Im particularly drawn to the synth swells and noodly acid touches which give the track as a whole an other worldly quality. Stunning work from a true stalwart of the progressive scene.