Audiojack announce a series of free parties in Ibiza

Ibiza has some of the best clubs in the world. Also some of the biggest, and most expensive…

Most of our favourite venues around the world are small intimate affairs, which create a feeling of togetherness. It’s strange how a party island like Ibiza has so few small clubs to accommodate this experience.

We’ve been quite vocal about our disdain for VIP service, €70 clubs tickets and €20 drinks. For us this goes against the ethos and spirit of the real Ibiza. And everything has got so serious and organised! We’re looking for a more primitive and relaxed nightlife experience. For us underground music is about parties, not ‘shows’, a free spirited atmosphere, space to dance, the freedom to come and go as you like, for independent thinkers who make their own entertainment with their friends, rather than needing to be entertained.

So we’ve decided to put on our own shindig… a house party, a hangout, starting this Sunday. An alternative to the super clubs. A relaxed fun vibe, a bit crazy and unorganised, guest DJs playing unannounced, some back to backs, basically a house party where everyone is invited. The first event is July 5th then July 19th, August 2nd, August 16th and so on. All parties are free entry, with reasonably priced drinks at around €5.

For us, DJs are a part of the night, but not necessarily the focus, which is one reason why our line ups are unannounced. Musically you can expect everyone to dig a little deeper into their collections, in the realms of minimal, deep, and tech. Groovy dance floor action.

Veto is a great little venue, about 100 metres from Pacha. The vibe feels quite German, like those great little dark rooms in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt etc. It also has a nice outdoor terrace where you can relax with your friends. Its open all year; the epitome of the real Ibiza.

We don’t have billboards. We don’t have flyers or teams working the beaches. It’s just us and you. smile emoticon So if this sounds like your kinda thing please feel free to share with your friends. One great thing about free entry parties is they’re non committal! Feel free to just call down for a drink and say hello, or stay with us the whole night. We’ll be there from 10-8am.

Whilst all line ups are unannounced, and no set times are planned, on this special opening party you can expect us to be on the decks for a good few hours, maybe more, who knows.?

Hope to see ya there. Audiojack x

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.