Audiojack release their Senses EP which features two stunning remixes by Reset Robot and dubspeeka

Artist: Audiojack
Title: Senses EP
Remixers: Reset Robot and dubspeeka
Label: Gruuv
Released: Out now!
Genre: House / Techno

Audiojack are back with their first EP this year on their own label Gruuv. The label has caught the attention of many big players in the electronic music scene, constantly releasing a stream of music spiking interest and always working with a high level of quality.

“The idea for Senses came from a documentary where we sampled the narrator and edited the recording, splicing different words and sentences to create something new” – Audiojack

The back story of the release is a fascinating mixture of mind travel and music, and title track ‘Senses’ is the start of the ride. The guys take us on a trip filled with fluttering percussions and softly melting and moving melodies supported by story telling vocals. ‘On The Road’ takes a small turn in a slightly rougher direction and thrills us with its drum work and charming synths, working up to a moment of bassy bliss and releasing the energy in a powerful finish.

Reset Robot has become a household name within electronic music and is known for his productions moving between the styles of dubby and moody techno. When putting his hands on ‘Senses’ he captures the main elements and surrounds them with his own spherical style, but keeps the groove tight and simple creating a captivating remix.

Head of Skeleton Recordings, dubspeeka has done the second remix of the title track. In familiar style he strips it down, putting the focus on the dynamics and interconnections between groove, vocal and melody in a mystic and hypnotising track.

Audiojack has again managed to put together a seductive and enthralling release using storytelling as an entrance to a deeper level of experimental elements meeting the classic styles of the artists involved. It fascinates and makes you want to dance at the same time, and the two remixes of the title track rounds the release up making it complete with sound specters for all ears.

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