Meet the turntable that’s equal parts automotive, and audiophile

If you’re an aficionado of automotive-inspired gear, there’s no shortage of interesting companies to sink your teeth into. However, when it comes to audio equipment, there’s a discernible gap in coverage. Studio Mandato hopes to change that with the Audiomeccanica, a high fidelity record player that’s equal parts automotive, and audiophile.

The Audiomeccanica is a device that combines Mandato’s love for two separate passions: music and fast cars. Utilizing a valve from an actual internal combustion engine, this rotating turntable is made entirely of solid aluminium and boasts a belt-driven architecture that cuts back on vibration. Below the hood, a smooth-running electric motor keeps things operating as they should, while a magnetically-suspended unipivot arm battles against unwanted friction. If you’re a fan of the minuscule details that comprise a vehicle’s underlying architecture but have a soft spot for audio-oriented endeavours, this one-of-a-kind turntable should be right up your alley. Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase — yet.

Head to the Audiomeccanica website for more information about this incredible looking product.


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