Ausounds launches High-Fidelity Wireless ANC neckband earphones

LA-based Ausounds has brought its flagship audiophile earphone model, the AU-Flex ANC, to the UK. Fresh from scooping a prestigious CES Innovations Award in the US, the AU-Flex’s innovative noise-cancelling system and planar magnetic drivers is now available in the UK, priced at £229.95.

AU-Hybrid Planar Magnetic Drivers

Ausounds’ bespoke Planar Magnetic Drivers deliver exceptional resolution through mid and high frequencies thanks to their relatively large (8mm) membrane driver surface suspended between a dual magnet opposing motor system. This creates a superbly accurate and articulate musical reproduction in the critical vocal frequency range, extending up to deliver remarkably realistic instrument performance, whether that is a high-hat or violin. The Planar Magnetic Driver crosses over to a traditional 10mm dynamic driver for low frequencies that, freed from the requirement to handle HF, has been explicitly designed to deliver outstanding bass richness and depth.

Ausounds ANC Explosion Map

Noise Cancelling Tech For Music Lovers

Ausounds’ advanced ANC system has been designed to have the minimum impact on music reproduction and sound quality. While many ANC systems have a marked influence on the headphone/earphone’s frequency response, the AU-Flex remains faithful to the source music whether the ANC is switched on or off.

Ausounds Flex ANC

Bluetooth LDAC High-Resolution Wireless Connectivity

The AA-Flex ANC offers the cleanest uncompressed wireless connectivity by using Sony’s LDAC audio technology. With up to three times the data transmission rate of basic Bluetooth wireless technology (990kbps vs 328kbps) LDAC operates without any down-conversion of Hi-Res Audio content up to a maximum bit depth and frequency range of 96 kHz/24 bit. The result is unprecedented sound quality whether listening to low-bit streaming from a phone or Hi-Res Audio from a dedicated audiophile player.

Premium Audio Comfort & Convenience

Catering for a wide range of ear shapes and sizes, the AU-Flex comes supplied with silicone ear tips come in three sizes to create a comfortable seal. The standard tip fitting on the metal-bodied earpiece opens up the option of third-party tips, should users prefer the extra sound-isolation of Comply tips for example, and the Flex’s soft rubber ear hooks remain comfortable even after hours of listening. The AU-Flex ANC is IPX5 waterproof so you can sweat worry-free and rinse off additional dust with a gentle water spray.

Extended Battery Life & HQ Mic for Calls

These earphones come equipped with intelligent magnetic clasps with an auto-pause function to stop and start your music with ease. These magnetic clasps are also perfect for answering phone calls hands-free and save battery life when connected in standby mode. With the neckband design offering space for higher capacity batteries than Ausounds’ True Wireless earphones, the AU-Flex offers a substantial 10 hours playback from a single charge with ANC switched on, extending to an ‘all-night-long’ 15 hours with ANC off.

UK Availability, Pricing

The Ausounds AU-Flex is available now, priced around £229.95.

Available from Richer and many good independent Hi-Fi retailers across the UK.

About Ausounds

Aimed specifically at music lovers and music creators, Ausounds sets out to create products which deliver music just as the producers and songwriters intended for it to be heard. All Ausounds products start with the brief to deliver the full emotional experience of the music to the listener, developing bespoke technologies and designs to achieve this goal rather than adding features for feature’s sake. 

Ausounds is keen to collaborate with passionate unsigned musicians, producers and songwriters around the world, helping to promote the best in new music and upcoming artists. Ausounds President and CMO Marcus Sanchez is a music industry veteran with enviable contacts across the global music scene and is passionate about getting well-known artists (Ausounds Ambassadors) involved in mentoring the next generation of music creators.

Marcus said, “The role of music creators in the industry is tantamount to everything; this is where our sound comes from. We wanted to create a brand that addresses the many needs of creators at all levels – in their everyday lives and in their work. Using our industry knowledge and working with music influencers and leaders, we are redefining the sound of audio.”

Ausounds is working with music influencers and leaders around the world, including five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Brian Kennedy, Blaq Tuxedo, Lil’ Eddie, Alex Ander and Marz Leon. The company is on the lookout for the hottest new UK music talent to join its journey.

AU_FLEX ANC Technical Spec:

Driver Type HF/MF: AU Hybrid Planar Magnetic (8mm)

Driver Type LF: Dynamic (10mm)

Built-in Mic: Yes

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

SPL: 99dB

Impedance: 16 ohms

Weight per earbud: 38g

Total weight with case: N/A

Battery life music playback: 15 hours

Battery life ANC on: 10 hours

Full charge time: 1.5 hours


Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes

ANC depth: -25db

Monitor Mode: Yes

USB Type-C: Yes

Waterproof: IPX5

Call Noise Reduction (ENC): Yes

Bluetooth Range: 10m

Bluetooth Type: 5.0 (LDAC 92/24)

AAC: Yes


Voice Assistant: Yes

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