Australian electronic music artists meet Berlin with an limited edition double pack vinyl LP

The Zeitgeist was a project launched upon the occasion of Australia now ­ Germany 2017, a year­ long program to showcase Australian culture in Germany, that highlighted new collaborations and deepened networks across a variety of fields.

Electronic musicians and DJs from Australia perform in unprecedented numbers in Berlin, universally acknowledged as a global centre for electronic music and club culture. There are more Australians in Berlin than ever before. This project initiated an official discussion concerning the unique relationship of electronic music culture existing between the two far­flung communities. Curated by Australian producer and artist Christian Vance, the program’s panel discussion and performance events presented 11 Australian artists and welcomed guests from 28 countries in Berlin during the summer of 2017. A celebration and exploration of a music and culture highly valued in the German capital.

Accompanying the official program, a collector’s limited edition gatefold vinyl compilation of original Australian music spanning the spectrum of electronic music (House, Techno, Ambient and Experimental) was produced as a cultural archive, representing a snapshot of participating The Zeitgeist Australian artists involved in the project.

The 8 uniquely composed tracks included on the pressing were produced and mastered in Berlin and present the work of 10 Australian electronic artists, 5 of which are collaborative projects. Artists involved in the project include: Alex Albrecht, Andreas Maan & Hysteria, Claire Morgan, Eluize, Mike Callander, Phoebe Kiddo (Mind:Body:Fitness), Simon Caldwell, Trinity and Christian Vance.

The limited edition gatefold double pack vinyl LP is now available for international distribution, serving as a cultural archive to document the spirit and sentiment of these connections. Original cover artwork designed by Berlin ­based Australian Marco di Stefano.

Streaming available:
The Zeitgeist Youtube:
The Zeitgeist Bandcamp:

Track listing:
A1. Eluize ­ Drama / Panic
A2. Trinity ­ Night Waves
B1. Vance & Callander ­ Mandate
B2. Vance & Caldwell ­ Speläologie
C1. Claire Morgan ­ Inexorably
C2. Alex Albrecht & Christian Vance ­ Edit of a Live Jam
D1. Mind:Body:Fitness ­ Bodywork
D2. Andreas Maan & Hysteria (Patterns of Perception) ­ Echo Chamber

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