Australia’s KISS FM launches new APP

KISS FM AUSTRALIA offers current KISS listeners and lovers of underground dance music across the planet a new, easy and free way to listen to KISS bliss via their I-Phone or Android devices. KISS FM has been servicing the Dance Music Community for over 25 years, broadcasting out of Melbourne and listened to by the world. Our Local shows are live, our International shows are exclusive.

The KISS FM Australia APP

• Is free
• Plays KISS live wherever on the planet you may be [wi-fi, 3g or 4g required]
• 24 – 29 MB an hour of data
• Bluetooth KISS to your car, home stereo and boom box
• Shows you what KISS show is playing now
• Info & about KISS
• How to support KISS. KISS is Independent. To remain Independent and free, we need Member Support.

“A Kiss listener doesn’t flick to other stations, 54% listen for 2+ hours per day. That’s powerful compared to
the tweedle dee’s and tweedle dum’s in both the commercial and community radio world. We are Independent. Being ‘Kiss’ we do receive many complaints, by accident though – as they are for other Kiss stations around the world who have tried to imitate, make commercial or even spell incorrectly our good name. The ONLY complaints we get is that we are not accessible enough. During [Australian] winter 2018 we ran a fundraising Member Drive to solve that problem. Today we are happy to announce – Problem solved!” Kate Wignell, Director.

This new APP makes listening to KISS the most Keep It Simple Strategy yet. You can download the APP here

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