Australia’s Subsonic festival announces sustainability initiatives

With just one week to go until Subsonic Music Festival 2018 kicks off in spectacular style, Subsonic is proud to announce not only will they be bringing Australia one of the best boutique festivals around, but will also be stepping up their sustainability initiatives to make sure that festival goers impact on our beautiful planet, caused by attending the event, is minimised as much as possible.

“At Subsonic Music Festival we are committed to creating the most sustainable event possible. We have a 5-year plan to implement all our initiatives and we’re really excited to be working with all of our crew, suppliers, Riverwood Downs and all of the amazing Subsonic patrons to help make this happen!” – Matt Grant, Sustainability & Community Manager at Subsonic

Initiatives in place at this year’s Festival include:

  • Platypus Playhouse ‘Waste Engagement Centre’: A new space where ticket buyers can engage in the wonderful world of recycling, repurposing and recreating, using the waste created by this year’s event. In this space patrons will be able to interact with the waste and create costumes, sculptures and all sorts of crafty creativeness.
  • MOOP Troop – Roving the campsites at the Festival, this 20 strong band of Eco-Rangers will be helping Subsonic fans understand how to manage their waste and keep their campsite clean. The MOOP Troop will be awarding prizes for the cleanest campsites and grounding any camp sites that are especially dirty for 24 hours!
  • EcoVillage – The Subsonic EcoVillage is a brand new space, seeded this year, where carefully selected stallholders will showcase their products, mission and vision to engage punters in conversations regarding sustainability and conservation. Issues like ocean conservation, single use plastic, ending coal mining in Australia and hemp uses will be addressed by our array of environmentally-passionate stall holderRecycled
  • Cardboard Tents – The Festival has partnered with Kartent to offer a fully recycled camping option. 100% recyclable and waterproof, you can leave your tent at home and opt for one of these gems instead. No set up, no pack down and best of all a fully sustainable camping option.
  • Coffee for Waste – This year Subsonic are proud to introduce our ‘Coffee for Waste’ initiative. Situated right next door to the Platypus Playhouse the Festival has partnered with Blacksmith Coffee to offer a free coffee in exchange for every bag of waste brought to the stall. Subsonic is super proud of this initiative!
  • Car Pass System – To encourage car-pooling and help offset the greenhouse gas emissions created by the Festival, all vehicles attending the event will be required to purchase a Car Pass prior to entering the site.
  • ‘Know Your Waste’ Initiative – Waste disposal around the Festival site will be focused into 8 ‘Know Your Waste’ stations. Situated around the entertainment area, these colourful education stations will feature clear signage, illumination and centralisation of waste management for the Festival.
  • Reclaim Camping – will be onsite to help minimise the amount of remaining camping equipment. Working together with MOOP troop, Reclaim will be educating patrons about taking their camping equipment home with them and post-festival will be salvaging and repurposing any usable camping equipment left at the event.
  • Strong focus on campsite recycling – All patrons attending the event will be provided with a special waste pack upon entry, with different bags to separate their waste at their campsite and a special, large yellow bag for all of their recycling, which can be returned at the ‘Recycling Collection Point’ at the exit of the Festival.
  • Reusable Cups at all Bars – The Festival has partnered with Globelet to provide reusable cups at all bars at the event. Working on an initial purchase with free changeover of cup and refund when cups are returned, the system reduces single use containers and massively reduces the amount of waste created by the Festival
  • Compostable Cutlery and Crockery at all Stalls – All stalls at the Festival will be serving food and drinks on 100% compostable cups, crockery and cutlery, which the Festival will then compost 100% onsite.
  • Focus on Reusability at all Stages – This year the Festival has initiated a focus on reusability for all of our stages. This is an initiative the Festival plans to grow over the years and will see stage designers working closely with the sustainability team. The initiative will ensure that all stages built for the Festival in future years will implement recycled materials wherever possible, be designed in a way that enables the stage to be used again and minimises waste created by the build.
  • Subsonic Bus Initiative – To help reduce individual car use, and minimise emissions caused by transport of patrons to and from the event, the Festival has partnered with Urban Legend to offer coach transport from Sydney, Broadmeadow and Newcastle Airports
  • GHG Audit – The Festival will be undertaking an audit of all vehicles entering the site to ascertain distance travelled and vehicle type, as well as calculating greenhouse gases emissions of the event itself via waste, power and printed material. This information will be used to calculate the event’s emission footprint, which will then be offset post event.
  • Reduction of Single Use Plastic onsite – In preparation for the complete phasing out of single use plastic in 2019, at this year’s Festival all stages, crew and back of house will be run on sustainable bulk water points and filtration stations.

All compostable waste composted onsite – For the second year running, the Festival will be composting all of the compostable waste created by the Festival onsite. In 2017 the Festival composted over 3 tonnes of food and compostable waste, and this year we aim to do even better!


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