Axel Karakasis – Suddenly in Japan someone spoke Greek to me

Every DJ has that one gig, that one tale to tell over and over again at birthday parties. Because it was wonderful, bizarre, weird, terrible, scary or emotional in some other way. Decoded’s new Dutch editor Marceline Geelen spent a pleasant afternoon chatting with Greek producer/DJ Axel Karakasis who revealled his most memorable gig ever.

“My first gig in Japan, back in 2006 at nightclub Womb, must be one of the most memorable gigs I have had. When it was confirmed, I was all excited, since Womb is one of a few world-famous clubs and I had already heard about the amazing vibe of the Japanese clubbers!”

Japan2006 axel karakasis decoded magazine

Heart of Tokyo
“That was back in December 2006. The amazing Womb club in Shibuya, was situated right in the heart of Tokyo. Want to know my age at that point? Well, I was old enough to appreciate it, and young enough to enjoy it.”

“It was the first time I met my good friend and now long-time colleague DJ Qhey. There was a fantastic Japanese crowd! One of the biggest surprises ever, happened during my gig at Womb. While I was trying to communicate with a Japanese fan, I heard someone addressing me in my own language, which was most surprising! Finally this guy helped me to communicate with Japanese people during that night and we remain friends to this date.”

Greek guy
“It was such a big surprise, because you don’t expect this at the other end of the world: to meet a Greek guy that lives in Tokyo. These days, whenever I go back to Japan, we get together and he comes to my gigs, and of course we keep in touch online!”

“I will always remember this memorable first gig in Japan, and I always smile about the way I met some of my good friends at the other end of the globe.”

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