Review: Workhorse is probably Jay Zoney’s best work yet

Artist: Jay Zoney
Title: Workhorse
Label: Eternal Drive Recordings
Cat No: EDRV001
Release: Out Now
Genre: Techno

Here we have a 4 track from Canadian label, Eternal Drive Recordings that has 2 original tracks from Jay Zoney backed up by two remixes of the title track, Workhorse. 

Workhorse is certainly that! A dark stomper that will set itself down on any dance floor and everyone will know about it. There is something here that works really well here with the offset of the driving percussion against that heavy but slight hollowed bass drum. It works and it works very well. Some well-timed additions of further elements really help this make its mark.

There is a change of direction but things are kept on the same course with Mr. Ed. Layers of percussion keep coming on board as the acid line begins to open itself up around 1.50 in. The acid begins to move around as the percussion comes and goes as the track builds. There is a great combination of elements at play on Mr. Ed and I’m sure it’s something that you’ll hear more than once over the coming months.

Of the two remixes of Workhorse, we have the Audio Injection effort up first. The driving energy from the original is carried over and it’s done to great effect too. There darkness is there too as everything rolls along. The short synth that creeps in and the runs in and out of everything is one of those sounds that just sits in your head. You’ll be trying to explain it to people afterwards. Perfect!

Axkan brings the second remix and a very different remix too. There’s a great, almost engine like synth chugging away over a broken bass drum. Everything gives way to an almost drone or noise like breakdown. When it comes back, it gains more layers, becomes more intense, and gets buried in your head. This really is a perfect example of taking a remix and making it your own. Great remix right here.

About the Author

With almost 8 years of music production under his belt while producing bass music as DROKKR and more recently, electro and techno under his Dave Mono moniker, the Cork based producer & DJ has enjoyed a truly tireless love affair with all forms of electronic music. From Aux 88 and right through to Venetian Snares, everything has found itself a little place in the heart of this Corkman.