Baby Audio release a new free Plugin – Beat Slammer

Some compressors are designed to be subtle. This one is not! We set out to make the ideal compression plugin for smashing and squashing drums, beats or entire mix busses. Beat Slammer will give you that pumping and ‘bouncy’ compression sound that slaps you in the face – and brings muscle to weak tracks.

The plugin is based on IHNY-2 by Baby Audio and functions as a parallel compressor. This means you can compress even harder than you normally would and just blend in the compressed signal to taste while retaining the dynamics of your dry signal.

* Get that aggressive compression sound that makes your beats ‘bounce’. Add punch and intensity to your drums and mix busses.

* Use the XY pad to set the compression amount and dry / wet mix in one motion, then adjust the make-up gain and output.
* Based on the popular compression algorithm from our IHNY-2 plugin, just without the surgical tweak options of IHNY-2.

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