Balcazar & Sordo + Kosmas – Joongl

Artist : Balcazar & Sordo + Kosmas
Title : Joongl
Label : Sudbeat
Cat No : SB054
Release : 25.08.2014
Genre : Progressive

Mexican duo Balcazar & Sordo are pushing the tempo with a slew of releases going in the right direction and monster size musical sensibilities. Throw in one of my favorite producers, Kosmas in to the mix and voila, we get an awesome threesome making this pack delicious. First things first, they don’t make it this groovy anymore the title track ‘Joongl’ is one of the most lovable ever. The gleeful chops begin endearingly with a clopping hopping rhythmic bass line and doodling blips, tinkles in the underside, and then that beauteous synth kicks in and it’s all gob-smackingly good from there on. There’s loads of graceful bubbling FX thrown in and I’m turned in to a mush ball for this one.

On to the second offering, ‘Triste’ is an aural treat with the kick of that offbeat bass jar and cloudy underground warmth in its body. Added goodness comes from a melodic pad and some fine FX one can swoon to in total abandon. Dropped at the right time, this tune has enough character to create a fair bit of damage for any dance floor.

To close it up ‘Who Knows’ has a sulky brooding bass face, yet it’s got a sunny and delightful exterior with its attention grabbing melodies. The entire number gives a slow burning up kinda feeling and is quite the hypnotic tune. Somewhere in the middle there’s a jolt of progression that drives the track to the very end of the 8 minutes, with slices of percussion and layers of dazzling, come hither melody pattern. Thumbs up all the way!!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.