BALKANS joins the global streaming community

United We Stream Balkans will feature some of the region’s most iconic locations of their cities. Once a week, digital visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality livestream presenting five hours of a well-curated music program that highlights the local scenes from five different countries.  

An expert committee for this region called BAM-C (Balkan Advanced Music Conference), will be coordinating the whole production processes and help with the overall strategy for the initiative’s sustainability from its headquarters in Sarajevo. 

The Goethe-Institut also recognizes the importance and unifying potential as well as the potential cultural impact of this initiative and therefore supports its development in the individual countries. 

“Culture invented and conceived in isolation went back to its roots. In only 9 months, the so-called ‘pandemic year’ wiped out most of the established business models and rituals from a variety of cultures and activities. It turned the music world upside down and brought forth new – never before imagined – ventures and collaborations.  The current state has taken an immense toll on everyone in the cultural sector,  where the community is large but support is rather low. That’s why this project is not new normal or alternative for real experiences, it is a light at the end of the tunnel to show us direction through this period of uncertainty. It is what makes UWS model  essential for this moment.”– says Mersel Bujak, UWS Balkan Regional Coordinator

“Globally, governments are hit by essential problems, so culture remains below on the list of their priorities. However, it did not take long for resilient and active members of the cultural communities to take action. In a week’s time, United We Stream (UWS) was created in Berlin. A streaming platform where money was being raised for clubs and a platform was created for the voice of those unheard.  

From the 18th of March 2020 until now we managed to unite 92 cities, 363 locations, 1800 artists and 300 livestreams, collecting 1,5 Million of Euros being directed to support the club-cultural sector. With recent streams from Asia, Sweden, Australia to London, Paris and Madrid, it is slowly becoming the biggest virtual club in the world.“ – Danaja A. Volk, UWS global project coordinator

The next region in line is the Balkans. Home of rich music history and innovative festival experiences, this region touched hearts of many music lovers and travelers globally. This time, the Balkans unite in their mission to  support their festival and club scene that makes their summers unforgettable and nights indescribably beautiful.

Goethe-Institute recognizes the importance of the model of United We Stream as well as the ambition of the local scenes and decided to generously support this initiative for the development in the Balkan regions. In the first phase, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina will be included. The Goethe Institute has been one of the partners from the beginning, a crucial supporter of United We Stream in many of the global regions. This time extending their support also to the Balkan.

The idea for locals, as well as for people around the world, is to enjoy and experience Balkans’ music, art and culture through the live-stream on the website and social platforms. United We Stream Balkan will be free of charge, however donations are welcome. All proceeds will help to support the best upcoming music business models, ideas and initiatives across Balkans as well as  providing funding for the “The Balkan rivers – Save Europe’s “Blue Heart”

“The Balkan rivers – known as Europe’s “blue heart” – are facing an onslaught of small hydropower plant construction, including in protected areas, with plans for 3,000 dams to be constructed in the region. Save the Blue Heart of Europe is a campaign that defends the last remaining free flowing rivers of Europe. The campaign’s goal is to expose hydropower as unsustainable energy threatening local communities, biodiversity, forests, and our climate for short-term economic gain. The Blue Heart campaign and local partners on the ground support a wide network of local river activists whose intention is to unite the Balkan nations in their fight for free rivers, human rights, and the environment. 

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