Beatport and Tribe XR have announced full integration

No DJ gear, no problem! Beatport and Tribe XR have announced the full integration of Beatport LINK, the streaming service for DJs, directly into Tribe XR’s virtual reality software. Almost anyone with a consumer VR rig can now stream and mix any of the music from Beatport’s massive and expertly curated catalog of the best electronic music in the world straight into Tribe without ever taking off their headset.  Both LINK and Tribe’s subscribers can now discover music and manage their playlists of exclusive and curated songs directly on and immediately access them within Tribe. 

With the enhancement of Beatport LINK, the VR experience provided within Tribe makes it easier than ever before to become a DJ. Anyone who downloads Tribe from the Oculus, Steam, or Viveport store, and subscribes to LINK now has access to over $6k of virtual equipment, all of the music on Beatport, DJ lessons, and a community of teachers and professionals at their virtual fingertips. 

The skills a DJ learns are directly transferable to actual equipment, and over the next few months, Tribe plans to add even more virtual equipment for users to practice and perform on using Beatport LINK. Tribe DJs can then stream from VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and Quest 2 to live streaming platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as virtual worlds like Sansar and Altspace. While the world’s dancefloors and DJ booths are currently empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tribe and Beatport LINK DJs can perform back-to-back sets virtually with other Tribe DJ in the world.

Speaking about the new partnership, Tom Impallomeni, CEO and Co-Founder of Tribe XR, said, “Beatport LINK is the world’s leading music streaming service for professional DJs. We’re excited to launch this groundbreaking partnership between Tribe and Beatport, enabling VR DJs to mix music from Beatport’s extensive library of exclusive tracks and expertly curated playlists. We can’t wait to see the awesome sets and remote back-to-back jam sessions that result from this partnership.”

Beatport’s Director of U.S. Partnerships and Marketing, Zach Jaffe, added, “Having spent many years in the worlds of both VR and electronic music, this integration is something that an aspiring DJ could not even dream of even a few years ago. It is the very definition of ‘the future’. Beatport is always looking for new and creative avenues to allow people to discover and perform dance music, so Tribe, combined with LINK, is quite literally the ability for anyone to do that in a completely novel way.”

Beatport LINK is currently available in 3 tiers; basic LINK with 128 Kbps AAC streaming and full track playback on the Store for $14.99 per month; LINK PRO with 256 Kbps AAC streaming, full track playback on the Store, and a 50 track Offline Locker for $29.99 per month; and LINK PRO+ with 256 Kbps AAC streaming, full track playback on the Store, and a 100 track Offline Locker for $44.99 per month.

Tribe XR is available now for $29.99 on Oculus Quest, Rift and Steam VR.

Both companies plan to collaborate on unique and first-time live virtual experiences in the months to come and follow up with a Beatsource LINK integration very soon.