Beatport launches new web-based DJ app

BEATPORT DJ, was released today to all LINK subscribers. BEATPORT DJ, a browser-based, MIDI compatible, DJ application that revolutionizes the set-creation workflow for serious DJs and enables beginning DJs to quickly learn the basics and start building their library of playlists, will be available as an entry level, stand-alone subscription tier within the LINK offering by mid-April.

BEATPORT DJ is the company’s first web-based DJ product. The web app is bundled with all LINK subscription tiers to create an environment in which DJs can instantly browse millions of tracks and immediately assemble playlists and audition music with controls that are familiar to all DJs, right from within the browser. In addition to making it easy to start DJing for fun, BEATPORT DJ allows customers to seamlessly prepare performance-ready LINK playlists without the need to open or install DJ software. The result is a significantly streamlined pre-performance workflow.

All existing LINK and LINK PRO, and LINK PRO+ subscribers will have immediate access to BEATPORT DJ as well as all existing LINK partner integrations withAlgoriddim djay, Denon Engine OS, Hercules DJUCED, Pioneer DJ rekordbox and WeDJ, Serato DJ, PCDJ, TRIBE XR. 

“BEATPORT DJ is a very powerful tool for all  DJs and a must have for LINK subscribers,” said Jonas Tempel, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Beatport. “We designed the software to solve the cumbersome workflow challenges of music discovery and building LINK playlists. On top of that, we know our customers need to audition the tracks to make sure the song fits in their sets. Our solution combines a host of advanced web-based technologies to give users a truly effortless experience that you would expect from dedicated desktop software. To take it even further, we made it possible to connect select midi controllers via USB and bluetooth from our LINK hardware partners. In every way possible, we have exceeded our goals with this project.”

While more experienced DJs will have long standing workflow processes  with Beatport’s trusted and legendary hardware and software LINK partners, BEATPORT DJ can act as an entry point for new DJs, a massive untapped market for the entire DJ ecosystem. The new web app has all of the essential tools required to mix tracks and simultaneously gives users the ability to search and browse the entire Beatport library to find their next song. With standard DJ controls like Filters, EQs, Cue Points, Effects, Tempo Adjustment, and Looping, new DJs can learn the necessary skills before making a more considerable investment in professional performance software. For newcomers to DJing, there are quick onboarding tutorials that will quickly get them up to speed on the core features. The app also includes a unique automix feature that allows users to listen to playlists with the flip of a switch while the software does all the track-to-track mixing further enhancing the music discovery journey.

“BEATPORT DJ will build tremendous value across the entire LINK ecosystem and open up new discovery possibilities to DJs of any skill level,” said Beatport Senior Vice President, Romain Pouillon. “It will be beneficial to music creators and record labels as it fuels increased streaming royalties as well as accelerate the mass-adoption of our LINK subscription service which will also benefit our trusted DJ software and hardware partners. It is a one of a kind tool for inspiring a generation of new DJs who can start mixing right from their laptops web browser at on day one.”

BEATPORT DJ is available now to all LINK subscribers at  Beatport is currently offering a free 30-day trial of any LINK subscription tier at