Beatport Releases Pro Music Management System



BEATPORT, today reaffirmed its commitment to DJs and producers with the introduction of the new Beatport Pro for Mac—the first music library management software tool designed specifically with the unique needs and requirements of DJs in mind. Unlike other music management tools created for the mass-market, Beatport Pro addresses the demands of DJs though a laundry list of features that, until now, have been only wish-list items. They include:

  • Expanded ID3 tagging capability that allows users to tag tracks with multiple genres, mood, BPM, key, rating, energy level, and more, both from a list of pre-selected options or custom entries.
  • Positive and negative filtering of multiple tags for quick and easy sorting through thousands of tracks, giving DJs the freedom to access and rediscover their vast music libraries. Includes filter presets for faster access while performing live.
  • Classification of music files geared directly for DJ/producer preferences, such as tracks, mixes, stems, parts, and loops.
  • Customizable playlist and folder organization that allows DJ-defined hierarchies beyond the constraints of alphabetical or chronological orders.
  • Metadata Sync: Users can update the tags and other metadata of any file in their Beatport Pro library with that of the corresponding track in the Beatport Music store automatically, regardless of where the track was acquired. Full waveform display for every track.

Additionally, Beatport Pro users can search and access the Beatport Music store through the software with the same level of customization and ease. Such as: Search the entire Beatport Music store by applying the same Beatport Pro positive/negative filters and ID3 tags as used to filter one’s music library: multiple genres, mood, key, BPM, and so on.

A reinvented My Beatport that allows DJs to not only follow specific artists and labels, but now also apply additional options such as BPM, key, or tags as they browse the Beatport Music store. Any track purchased from the Beatport Music store is automatically added to users’ Beatport Pro libraries, as well as an automatically generated playlist of downloaded files, eliminating the need for drag and drop post-purchase.

“Beatport Pro for Mac reinforces our commitment to DJs as the foundation of not only our company, but of all Electronic Music Culture,” said Peter Siciliano, Senior Vice President of Music Technology at Beatport. “We’re extremely proud to offer DJs and producers a music management tool that addresses needs we’ve heard from our customers for years – helping them manage their own massive music libraries and making it easier to search for and discover gems from the millions of tracks available in the Beatport Music store.”


“The new app is definitely the way forward,” adds DJ and producer Nicole Moudaber. “I normally sort my playlists in iTunes; after seeing what Beatport Pro for Mac offers, it will clearly be more extensive and useful for me. Dissecting every genre, tagging every category by style, mood, time and BPM in one click? Genius.”

Beatport Pro supports Mac OS X Mountain Lion and higher, and is compatible with mainstream DJ software and hardware tools such as Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR, Serato, Rekordbox, and others. For more information on Beatport Pro features, compatibility and tutorials, please visit