Bedroom Beats & B-sides: Instrumental Hip-Hop and Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century by Laurent Fintoni

On Wednesday 28th October, Jäger X Reform will be live streaming the book launch  of ‘Bedroom Beats & B-sides: Instrumental Hip-Hop and Electronic Music at the Turn  of the Century’ by Laurent Fintoni. 

Hosted by Agent J, Fintoni will be joined by special guests, beatmakers and producers from across the Atlantic – UK’s Jay Scarlett, Canada’s Pursuit Grooves, and America’s  Dibiase – for a live discussion about the book ahead of publication. The event will be hosted on Reform Radio’s Facebook page and will kick off at 7pm. 

In Bedroom Beats & B-sides: Instrumental Hip Hop & Electronic Music at the Turn of  the Century, Laurent Fintoni details the rise of a new generation bedroom producers  – born from the dramatic changes in the music industry in the first decades in the 21st century. Recognised as music makers raised on hip-hop and electronic music,  bedroom producers went from anonymous, often unseen creators to artists in their  own right.  

Fintoni explores the stories of various instrumental hip-hop and electronic music  scenes, from trip-hop, jungle, illbient, and IDM in the 1990s to just “beats” in the late  2000s, and how these scenes acted as incubators for new ideas about composition  and performance that are now taken for granted. Combining social, cultural, and  musical history with extensive research and over 100 interviews, the book tells the B side stories of hip-hop and electronic music from the 1990s to the 2010s. Further  exploring the evolution of modern beat culture from local scenes to a global community via the diverse groups of fringe idealists who made it happen and the external forces  that shaped their efforts. 

Bedroom Beats & B-sides is the first comprehensive history of the instrumental hip hop and electronic scenes and a truly global look at a thirty-year period of modern  music culture based on a decade of research and travel across Europe, North  America, and Japan. Tune in on Wednesday 28th October to learn more. You can pre-order the book now on the Velocity Press website – Bedroom Beats & B-sides is out on November 6th.

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