“I moved from San Francisco to Miami and realised that there needed to be a change in the music scene in Miami and I opened up Do Not Sit On The Furniture” – Behrouz

Very few artists need a proper introduction as their name alone speaks for itself and connotes veteran status. BEHROUZ is easily recognised both on the Playa where he has held a highly coveted residency on the Robot Heart bus, as owner / curator of Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami Beach, All Day I Dream artist and is well known all over the world having been a household name for those who truly know what’s up for well over two decades now. An artist who has seen nearly every inch of the globe as he has shared his music with millions from continent to continent, his name and reputation proceeds him. A DJ’s DJ in every sense of the word, Behrouz is a favourite amongst many of the most talented artists and producers on the planet. He is a true story teller and a magician behind the decks evoking powerful emotions through his sound.

Do Not Sit on The Furniture will be in Ibiza this season for their very first time. I was lead to believe from a press release we had received prior to us chatting it was possible the first time in Europe. I asked Behrouz how much planning was involved in making it happen? “Actually, it’s not our first time in Europe” he replies. “We have done shows at ADE and in London. We also have done shows on the island at Beach house. This is though our first time doing a weekly residency and we are very excited. There has been a lot of planning because doing a residency in Ibiza is not easy. It’s like opening a club basically because we have to deal with production, marketing, booking DJs and so much more. Having a club in Miami for the past 5 years definitely helped us get prepared for this next big step with our brand.” And what made you sure now was the right time? “We curated Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami 5 years ago, one of the toughest markets in the US, with our own special vibe and sound and did this all organically. The brand gradually started growing all over the world and I felt like this was the next logical step for us.”

As you just mentioned The Do Not Sit brand is now becoming widely established around the world but first lets talk about where it all started in Miami. Can you tell us about the venue and the growth of the brand so far over the past 5 years?

“The brand and nightclub were created in Miami. The concept and idea really started over 15 years ago after going to Burning Man for the first time. I moved from San Francisco to Miami and realised that there needed to be a change in the music scene in Miami and I opened up Do Not Sit On The Furniture.”

I read a review from the Do Not Sit Facebook page “I absolutely love this place, it’s a little piece of magic on Earth. From the first time I was there, the energy is beautiful, the vibes get under your skin, the music guests and the sound system are amazing…” – How much does feedback like this make you strive to perfect what you are already doing so well? “The reason we opened DNS, I felt like a lot of big DJ’s play continuously in big rooms and when you put them in small rooms like ours, they perform so much better and this can be called magical in so many ways. In addition, we strived to find new artists at the time that no one had heard in Miami and over time built them up in this market and also took them on the road with us. DJ’s like Atish, Hoj, YokoO and just like me, each of these artists poured their hearts in their sets and everyone can feel this on the dance floor. So, I appreciate the feedback and this makes me work harder because people are recognising what we are doing.”

And course the brand name sticks in people’s minds. It’s brilliant. How did it come about?

“When I moved to Miami over 10 years ago, I went to do a soundcheck at a club that had booked me in Miami. I noticed that there was a shift in the music here. Everything had become commercial and there were sofa’s in the middle of the dancefloor. So, I asked the promoter are we moving this furniture and he replied, no, we make money from bottle sales and need the furniture on the dancefloor and then I asked where do people dance? So, from that point on I decided to open my own club where it was all about dancing and not being worried about bottle sales and about the experience you get on the dance floor! I decided to call the club Do Not Sit On The Furniture and the rest is history.”

Excellent, I knew there had to be a story behind it. You just mentioned how the Miami scene had become very commercial. Is the underground house music scene in Miami developing of late? Is there a noticed shift or growth happening from the EDM scene? Behrouz positively replied “Yes, definitely. I think we made a big impact on the scene by educating people about good music as well as other promoters in Miami. We have more underground clubs now and I’m happy to see the scene thriving.”

Powel is an artist I would like to discuss with you who has recently released on the label with his Jungles and Doorbells EP. Behrouz went on to explain to me “Powel has been one of our international residents at Do Not Sit On The Furniture the past 4 years. Not only a brilliant DJ but a fantastic producer that has made music on great labels. He is one of those versatile DJ’s where you can put him in any room and he delivers. With this EP, I wanted him to showcase what he is all about. The way we do release, it’s always the original artist and no remixer, which I think takes away art from the original artist. And every album cover is a unique art piece at the same time. Later on in the year, we will showcase the art of each EP. Before I spoke to him for this EP, I asked him to showcase his talent. I didn’t want a dancefloor hit but showcase his art and he created a masterpiece if you ask me.” He further added –

“We have a lot of exciting artists that we are featuring in the label. Artists like Squire, SIS, PAAX and many more to come. The whole idea of the label is to be diverse and showcasing each artist. Not just about one sound, just like what I am all about as a DJ. We never use any remixers again as mentioned. I want the original artist to get the full credit of their art and at the same time we give the artists that produce with us, the chance to travel with us at our showcases around the world.”

Which artist do you have coming up next on the label? “We have SIS, PAAX, SQUIRE and many more.” And is there anybody on your radar who you would love to sign and why? “We are focused on more underground, new artists who we can introduce globally to the scene.” I then asked Behrouz about his plans for both the label and events over the next few years? Are there any goals you are aiming to achieve? To which he replied-

“We do things organically as they come. Our goal is to build a solid family with our artists and the clubs we work with and our message is love.”

Your tour dates throughout the past few months alone have been anywhere between Mexico, LA, London, Athens, Dubai. As a husband and a family man is it difficult to find balance? “It’s Super difficult but I have been doing this the past 20 years. I have been getting training all these years for what is happening right now so I think I’ve managed to find some balance but it’s hard. Thank God I have an amazing wife that runs the brand with me, Megan and she gets it and my career and we work as partners going toe to toe on everything.” While we’re on the subject of travel are there any cities or destinations you have revisited for some personal time? Which have been some of the most inspirational places you have toured? “Places like Istanbul, Cesme in Turkey and Tulum, at certain times, have been inspirational for me on many levels.”

It’s been great catching up with you Behrouz, thank you for a brilliant interview and some interesting stories behind your brand. Is there anything you would like to add? “I can’t wait for DNS at Heart Ibiza and looking forward to express how I feel a night should be with all my friends.”


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