Belau have released their new album Apriori

Belau is calling its listeners to another extraordinary emotional trip with their new Apriori album. The dreamtronica duo (Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzás) from Budapest has published their third record since their foundation in 2016. The artistic concept of their previous albums, Colourwave and The Odyssey was built upon emphasizing the importance of self-knowledge and consciousness. All these recordings’ emotional tracing is supported by ethereal lyrics and sounds from faraway cultures. “Apriori” is also grounding itself on these patterns both saluting Belau’s basic components and its fresh concept of inspiration using a vast amount of heartwarming nature echoes as if we’d be just giving ourselves over to the sunshine with closed eyes on a beach.

As we could’ve got used to from Belau there are several sincere collaborations on Apriori like with Beth Hirsch (Ethereal) who’s featured tracks with Air or Sarah Jay Hawley (Unimaginable) who’s sung in Massive Attack songs besides the band’s live concerts’ voices like Böbe (Altered) and Myra Monoka (Focus). Apriori is definitely continuing the journey in Belau’s universe both on a super sensitive and intensive level providing a calm and spiritual haven for everyone who is currently searching for its belief in vitality and being ready to receive the awe-inspiring power of the infinite by providing space for blooming their inner peace. All ten tracks are guiding all modern individuals into resolving the illusion of being atomized in the presence starting with the magnificent intro called “Oneness”. 

Belau has achieved several successes worthy of note for the past six years – they’ve given more than 200 concerts in more than 25 different countries including outstanding festivals like Primavera Sound Barcelona, Electric Castle, Eurosonic or SXSW. In the past couple of years, their songs have been played by serious radios like BBC Radio 1, Triple J, KEXP and KCRW not even to mention the appreciative credits they’ve received from Billboard, Clash Music, The Line of Best Fit or Rolling Stone. The first record of Belau was given the Fonogram prize (which is the Hungarian alteration for Grammy), and their streams are counting millions so far.

“’Apriori‘ denotes knowledge beyond experience, something prior to it; an endless source from which we can all draw. The “dynamism” of this knowledge, however, it paradoxically spreads out in very different forms in the lives of all humans, it originates and unites from the same “constant” at the end of the path. The circle prevails through its traversal. Humanity has found its insights about this for thousands of years now, and since then it has been re-discovered again and again as it takes root in the consciousness.

Just as humanity’s lifepath is analogous to an individual’s personal development, crossing this threshold is also a possibility for every person in our own lives, which, if we do not resist, will surely come. The question is how long we want to stand against it. This LP shows the last stage of the two of us growing up, the story of arriving home, we can even call it the synthesis of the first two releases, the last episode of our unplanned trilogy. It’s a huge milestone in someone’s life when you are able to separate what serves you from what you desire. It is a renunciation that reflects such human greatness that it paradoxically leads to the convergence of the two. The map lies within us, it becomes visible if we close our eyes.” – said the band.

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