Belgian underground techno festival Voltage Festival releases 4 vinyl EP’S to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Belgian underground techno festival Voltage Festival, that is located at an abandoned power plant, releases 4 vinyl EP’s to celebrate their fifth edition this year. Each EP is dedicated to a specific subgenre of techno that contains exclusive tracks composed by the leading figures of today’s international and underground techno scene. These artists have already performed at the festival or are performing on this year’s edition. For instance, Orphx, Thomas P. Heckmann, Inigo Kennedy, 999999999 and Shlømo appear on the releases. The festival also provides a Belgian scoop with these series: it’s the first Belgian festival that functions both as a festival and as a label. The first vinyl will be released on May 10th followed by the rest on a weekly basis.

Each Voltage EP is assigned to a different subgenre of techno: starting off with classic techno, followed by deep techno, industrial techno and finally acid techno. These are eventually the genres the festival focuses on primarily. Each track is produced by a different artist and is a mix of foreign fixed values completed by Belgian talent that are currently conquering the international market. “Promoting Belgian talent is one of the fundamental values Voltage Festival stands for. These releases provide the perfect opportunity for young and national talent to be exploited internationally.” thus Parallel Circuit, the founder of Voltage Festival and compiler of these compilation series.

The first EP, called ‘Zener Diode’, is focused on classic techno. ‘Taapion’ label boss Shlømo starts off with a rhythmic rave tune. A slightly more melancholic and melodic track of highly appreciated producer Inigo Kennedy is the next on the menu. Belgian talents Phara and Border One complete the EP with high-quality productions respectively called ‘Bells’ and ‘Ether.’ The EP is followed by ‘Wiring Harness’, which you can label as deep techno. The Belgian Altinbas comes forward with a wistful and subtle track. The expert techno duo Cassegrain follows with a groove track. Finally a dub-oriented track of Luigi Tozzi and the melodic expertise of Belgian talent Atis.

For the enthusiast of the harder work, there is ‘Circuit Breaker’. The leader of the Belgian industrial scene TWAN opens the EP. No less than the legendary pioneer duo Orphx follows with a skull-breaking track that makes your teeth fall out, hence ‘Sans Dents’. ‘Der Fluch’ is a track produced by the gifted Germans SHDW & Obscure Shape and ‘Glory Moves’ by the French Hadone, a relative new face in the scene with a bright future ahead.

The last EP ‘Resistor’ is dedicated to the TB-303, the synthesizer that’s the fundament of the whole acid movement. The artists that composed these tracks are the leaders of the current international underground acid scene namely Boston 168, 999999999, Umwelt and Thomas P. Heckmann. One by one quality productions made with love for the rave.

Vinyl and tickets for Voltage Festival are available at and on the Bandcamp page.

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