“If you believe in something, just go with it till you get it. The expectation keeps us ‘hungry’ but happy” – Roy Rosenfeld

Roy Rosenfeld was born and raised in the magical Jerusalem. Every day he was getting plenty of influences from the inspiring air and energy around him and was becoming more and more artistic in everything he was doing since the early years of his childhood. Music of course, as the greatest part of art, couldn’t be dismissed from Roy’s hands and spirit. He started playing and creating electronic music, conquering and developing many styles around it. From Techno to Tech House and from Minimal to Melodic Electronica, it is all about quality and energy.

His love and talent have given him recognition from huge audiences hitting top chart positions, winning awards, collaborating and being continuously supported and incredibly respected by legends like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Maceo Plex, Solomun, Dixon and more. Roy is managing to become better and better every single day. Along with his home record label Rusted he is on a mission of dispersing his uniqueness everywhere.

Hey Roy, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with Decoded Magazine. How are you? And where are you at the moment?

Thank you, all good here, I’m at home now in Tel Aviv.

How has 2017 been so far for you?

So far 2017 is very interesting, both DJ and studio wise. I have lots of exciting plans for the next months.

And do you have any fun plans for the rest of the year? Anything you want to highlight in particular?

I’m going to throw a Rusted Records label party in Berlin on May the 6th at Birgit & Bier club , with my good friends: Guy Mantzur, Ramon Tapia, Miguel Bastida, Lonya and Sapir Viner. Very excited about this one, as we have never had the chance to gather up such a great lineup and showcase in such a nice venue. That might be one of my personal highlights of 2017, which includes friends, work and great music all over the place.

Let’s talk a bit about your new release on Systematic, I found it very complex in a way, offering a wide range of possibilities to work with the tracks. What is the backstory here?

Doing what I love to do the most. Just letting my feelings to be expressed in such a nice way, through music. All tracks have been written in cold and emotional nights. It’s all about finding the right muse to take over the hands and mind. When I know the goal is producing an EP, I usually make sure the tracks respect each other in such a way. In this specific release, it feels to me like it is showcasing my favorite styles of different sub-genres of melodic House/Techno music.

Can you also tell us a bit about your relationship with the label?

Sure, 2 years ago Guy Mantzur and I got a nice email from Marc Romboy (the head of Systematic), which got us very excited. He wanted us to remix one of his biggest tracks called ‘Hypernova’. Since then we got to release a few other remixes, originals, podcasts, playing in Systematic label parties and more. Systematic for me is home. Surrounded by amazing people and best musicians. Can’t ask for better than this. What I really like in this label is that I can express myself musically and I know there’s always someone to appreciate that. So basically, it means a lot to me, being a part of this top-class family.

How often do you get to be in the studio?

Pretty much everyday, at least 2-3 hours a day. But sometimes I can easily find myself doing it also 8-10 hours.

Any favorite studio toy at the moment that you want to tell us about?

Since I bought a Korg Minilouge, I can’t stop using it. But I think my 2 favorites at the moment are Sub 37 by Moog and Prophet 6 by Dave Smith.

What is most important for you when being in the studio?

Silence, a fresh feeling, fresh ears, inspiration, being full of ideas that can be converted to music. Otherwise it might be a waste of time and energy.

Did you have a certain time in your career when you decided that “this is it”? When and how did you realize that this is what you want to do?

Since I remember myself I loved music and started showing this in a very young age (around 10) by ‘drumming’ on tables during family dinners (annoying), played the piano wherever I could and listening to music on CD’s/radio etc. When I got around 18-19, I couldn’t tell yet if I’m going to be a musician or if I’m going to take it as my profession because I was always dreaming to be an athlete, a basketball player. Around that age I got injured and made a surgery on my right hand which is also the strong one, stayed with a cast for more than 8 months and lost the ‘touch’ of my right hand which affected my skills and ability to be a professional player. Once I realized it’s gonna be almost impossible to recover and being a professional basketball player, I decided to push it up with the music. So at the age of 21 I already knew. Life is unexpected, time decides for us. This is how I got into the business.

Was there anyone special influencing you in this choice?

My parents, mom mostly. She loves music and always believed in me since I was super young. Even today she thinks my best productions were made when I was 15, when I produced everything on a hardware-sequencer called RM1X by Yamaha.

How is it to balance a career within music and finding time for family and friends?

It is possible, depends on how many international gigs you have on your schedule. Once you get really busy, you might get a hard time meeting them all and also get enough time at the studio. Sometimes it’s super tough. But on the other hand it depends on how you manage your time, because I always claim that there is time for everything, but first of all lets decide what is everything.

Coming from Israel, what can you tell us about the electronic music scene there? When did electronic music start making its presence and how do you see it develop over the next years?

To exclude Tel Aviv, electronic music scene in Israel is not yet developed in my opinion. The word hasn’t been exposed enough around the country. But honestly it feels to me that there is a new movement and mentality change with the electronic scene, which being accepted more and more by new crowds. Tel Aviv is on fire, parties everywhere. You can find Techno/House nights or other genres of music almost everyday around the city. I see the movement in Tel Aviv, how new clubs open doors and older clubs still work very well. Lots of people get into the underground music, lots of big festival/outdoor parties are being produced day after day. That says pretty much everything about the scene in Tel Aviv.

Thanks for chatting with us Roy, do you have any final words for the readers?

If you believe in something, just go with it till you get it. The expectation keeps us ‘hungry’ but happy! Thanks for the nice interview. Was a pleasure working with you.

“These days there are plenty of genres and styles within the electronic scene, which cause our minds to be fixated / square and stuck into the “rules” of those music genres. We can always pursue those styles and learn from them a lot, but always keep a warm place for our unique sound and style. We need to preserve and protect the uniqueness and specialities of each one of us. Do not let it run next to you. I believe this is the way to success”. – Roy Rosenfeld


01. Robert Babicz – Above All The Colours [Armadillo]
02. dubspeeka – K304v2 Walk With Me [Skeleton]
03. Super Flu – 2daBeat [Monaberry]
04. Martin Buttrich, Audiofly – Messenger [Rhythm Assault]
05. Raw District – From The Inside [Innervisions]
06. Roy Rosenfeld – Hemla [Systematic]
07. Rolbac – Thunderbolt [Kindisch]
08. Justin Massei – Sideways Eight (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) [Seldor]
09. Roy Rosenfeld – Ahava [Systematic]
10. Khen – One Day of Independence (Termoment Remix) [Lost & Found]
11. Sahar Z, Navar – Bloom [Lost & Found]

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