Ben Frost’s first studio music in six years 

Renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to composition, production, sound art, and direction over the past 15 years, this release adds to a series of acclaimed releases on the label, dating back to 2014. Frost will follow up with new shows at CTM, Berlin, and Rewire Festival, The Hague, early next year.

“Turning the Prism” marks a long-awaited shift from Ben’s recent collaborative ventures. In the past year, Frost has collaborated on two projects fuelled by profound ecological inspirations – the first, with acclaimed sound artist, composer, and musician Francesco Fabris “Vakning” (2023, Room40), and the second with his long-time creative partners, the photographer Richard Mosse and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten, resulting in the album and multidisciplinary art exhibition, “Broken Spectre.”

In the new track, “Turning the Prism,” Ben Frost masterfully intertwines his vivid sonic storytelling, commanding sound physicality, and subtle field recordings into a unified entity. The track encapsulates his distinctive signature, characterised by intricate interplays of tension, fragility, and life force. At the same time, “The Prism” refracts and reprojects Frost’s latest multidisciplinary endeavours, showcasing his strong dynamic evolution in the realms of sound and artistry.

Ben Frost’s prolific portfolio boasts five studio albums, each a milestone in its own right. From his debut “Steel Wound” (2003, Room40), the innovative “Theory Of Machines” and “By The Throat” (2007 and 2010, Bedroom Community), to the evocative “A U R O R A” (2014, Mute/Bedroom Community) and “The Centre Cannot Hold” (2017, Mute, recorded by Steve Albini), Frost’s artistic expression extends into installations, dynamic live performances, and emotive scores tailored for dance, theatre, and collaborations with artists like Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, Swans, and composer Daníel Bjarnason.

Frost’s diverse impact reverberates across film, television, and opera, earning critical acclaim for his score for Julia Leigh’s Palme d’Or-nominated “Sleeping Beauty” and scores for acclaimed TV series such as “1899” – including a collaboration with Eliot Sumner (AKA Vaal), “Raised By Wolves,” “Fortitude,” and the cult series “Dark.” Additionally, his Opera creations, including “The Wasp Factory” and “The Murder of Halit Yozgat,” have graced esteemed stages such as London’s Royal Opera House and Hannover’s Staatsoper, cementing his position in the world of contemporary music crossing live arts.

Following successful exhibitions at London’s 180 Studios earlier this year and Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria last year, “Broken Spectre” will open at The Momentary Museum Bentonville, Arkansas on 18 November, right next to Ben Frost’s newest solo installation “Among The Petals,” a new commission for The Momentary Museum. This follows the acclaimed solo installation work “A Predatory Chord” which Frost presented in Athens in May. Frost’s collaboration with artists Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris to score their “Prophecy of Butterflies” will also be on view in a neighbouring gallery at The Momentary.


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