Berlin-based Autotune hits the jackpot with his latest release on Boysnoize Records

Artist: Autotune
Title: Blade Runner
Label: Boysnoize Records
Cat No: BNR185
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Techno

Boysnoize Records decided to finish off 2018 with a proper ode to their ravey roots. Berlin-based Autotune hits the jackpot with the 5 track release “Blade Runner”. The title track was first released in 2004 and has the status of a classic with its immediately recognizable synth and drum work, and the atmosphere is just as wild as ever. Label boss Boys Noize follows up with his own edit of the track. While keeping the industrial disco vibe from the original, he works on the functionality of the track for the modern DJ and gives us a nice and tight tool.

“Keep It Wrong” has the optimistic rave flair just as we know and love it from Boysnoize Records. The chord stabs and almost childish vocal samples work up a nice momentum together with the bassline, ready to create some hands in the air moments on the dance floor. For the fourth track, we are again met by playful chords and a synth that kind of brings out an old school video game feeling while the pumping groove keeps the energy high.

Last but not least “Monofreakz” is a straight four to the floor techno production with a gritty bass supported by the vivid claps and pulsating synth, building up to a heavy drop. A nice and wholesome end to the year, bringing out the connection between timeless pieces that defined the early days of the label and the direction they have since taken. Without a doubt a late Christmas present for the dedicated fans of the characteristic Boysnoize sound all over the globe.

1. Blade Runner
2. Blade Runner (Boys Noize Edit)
3. Keep It Wrong
4. Stripes and Strings
5. Monofreakz

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