Berlin’s T.Raumschmiere set to release ‘Heimat’ on Kompakt

Artist: T Raumschmiere
Title: Heimat
Label: Kompakt
Format: 2xLP+DL / CD / DL
Cat No / barcode: KOMPAKT 367 / 880319821431 / KOMPAKT CD 137 / 880319821721
Released: 19th May 2017
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Techno

T.Raumschmiere or Marco Haas, as he is also know is set to release his latest LP which is entitled Heimat. Haas made an impression around the globe in the 00’s thanks to some great releases on Novamute. Since those early days, he has established himself as a contemporary, emotive and dark ambient artist with a series of stunning releases on his own imprints Shitkatapult and Albumlabel.

Kompakt has supported Haas since his early days and released EPs like ‘Bolzplatz’ (KOM021 – 2000) and ‘Musick’ (KOM037 2001). On the May 19th Kompakt and Haas reunite once more for the release of this incredible LP, Heimat.

The opening track on the LP is ‘Zum Mond’ which is a deep techno sounding electronic bomb. The track is filled with sci-fi sounding effects and a greatly effected vocal like sample that would not be out of favour on a Kraftwerk single. Superb deep sounds to open up this LP. Next up is ‘Jaguar’ which is again a techno inspired sound filled with those truly incredible Haas electronic vibes. I would say it even has trance like influences in this! Imagine some of those progressive sounding 90s numbers. Superb!

The melodies of the third track, ‘Wacker’ are simply divine and transport you to a place of sheer wonderment. Really beautifully sculpted strings are what this track is all about with a deep undertone running through the track. One to check out if you are looking for those intelligent, classical like uplifting tracks. Stunning!. ’Stoli’ sees Hass move a little deeper and with some really beefy sounding bass with some well placed catchy keys and twinkles. This man truly is a master of things electronic.

The fifth track on the LP is ‘Le Fux’ which is a piano led techno track. It would sound great in those mid peak sets, as it would be so different to the monotonous techno dross we often hear at times. Delightful work by Haas. ‘Juli’ sees Haas move more towards that glitchy James Holden like trance vibe. Love this track, and is easily one of my highs on the LP. The drums are incredible and this would sound superb on a loud system.

The penultimate track on the album, ‘Amina’ sees Haas move to a more downtempo vibe with some well-crafted breaks and beats. Nice use of strings and the keys are very nice indeed! The closing track is ‘Zwerg’ and is a great slice of electro-pop sounding drums and melodies. A Superb, uplifting vibe and a perfect way to round off a well-crafted and beautifully inspired album.

Tracklisting (CD/LP)
01. A1. Zum Monday
02. A2. Jaguar
03. B1. Wacker
04. B2. Stoli
05. C1. Le Fux
06. C2. Juli
07. D1. Amina
08. D2. Zwerg

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