BICEP ‘Apricots’ the Directors commentary

Mark Jenkin explains his working processes and how he made the ‘Apricots’ video for Bicep taken from the album ‘Isles’, released 22 January on Ninja Tune: Subscribe:

Watch the full video clip below

Bicep – Apricots

Director – Mark Jenkin (Insta: @mark_jenkin Twitter: @Mark_Jenkin )

DOP – Mark Jenkin

Editor – Mark Jenkin

Producer – Joel Spencer (Insta: jspenc_r )

Exec Producer – Jack Newman (Insta: jackbullion )

Cast – Chloe Endean

Production company: Bullion Productions (Insta: bullionproductions )

Commissioner: John Moule

Directors rep: OB management. (Insta: obmanagement )

Record Label: Ninja Tune (Insta: ninjatune )

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