Birmingham techno pioneer Regis returns to Australia in March

An active DJ, producer, label owner, and live performer for over two decades, Regis is one of the most highly regarded and influential artists to come out of Britain’s techno scene. His influence on the style has been felt for years, and he continues to innovate and push boundaries even to this day. As both a solo producer and one half of the infamous British Murder Boys with fellow UK legend Surgeon, he was responsible for helping establish and propagate the “Birmingham” techno sound, which took influences from the city’s industrial roots and melting pot of musical styles to create a darker, grittier, and more nihilistic take on techno. Sandwell District, his duo and label with Function explored the deeper, more minimalistic end of his musical spectrum, showcasing the breadth of his talent as well as introducing artists like Silent Servant.

His DJ sets transcend typical club-ready techno, taking in elements of industrial, breakbeat, EBM, drone, and ambient music, while retaining the grit, misanthropy and aggression that characterise his productions. It’s no surprise then that he has played at every significant techno club and event in the world, from Smartbar in Chicago to Rex Club in Paris, and both Tresor and Berghain in Berlin. Over the last 25 years his label Downwards – co-owned with Female – has put out music by diverse, talented artists such as Silent Servant, Samuel Kerridge, and JK Flesh, as well as had music licensed to seminal techno compilations like Jeff Mills’ “Live At Liquid Room” mix.

Regis is truly the kind of artist who epitomises the spirit of techno: anti-establishment, fiercely unique, and uncompromising in his vision. Full tour dates and ticket links below.

Catch Regis in Melbourne and Sydney:

08/03/2020 – Undisclosed 23.0 w/ REGIS @ Oxford Underground, Sydney

06/03/2020 – Pitch Music & Arts @ Moyston, Victoria

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