Blawan returns to XL Recordings with a new EP

Blawan announces ‘Dismantled into Juice’, a brand new EP which is out now. The five-track record is the second release on XL recordings from the renowned electronic producer following the underground phenomenon ‘Woke Up Right Handed’.

Dismantled into Juice, encapsulates the multifaceted sounds that Blawan aka Jamie Roberts has been fastidiously perfecting across the last decade. After hearing the powerful vocals of rising singer Monstera Black, Blawan set about making a record that moved him further away from the club and deeper into the studio to perfect the abstract sounds he’s always wanted to explore. The result is remarkable; across the 5 tracks Blawan effortlessly flickers between instrumentals and vocal-led songs that flex a deep technical ability and see him transcend the “techno” box he has so often been put in. Bringing in distorted drum rhythms, piercing synths, unbelievable drums, and original vocal cuts, Dismantled Into Juice is Blawan’s most riveting and genre-bending music to date.

1. Toast
2. Panic
3. You Can Build Me (feat. Monstera Black)
4. Body Ramen
5. Dismantled into Juice (feat. Monstera Black)

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