Blindfold Recordings release a stunning Night Vision EP with tracks from Pete Oak, Third Son and more

Artist: VA
Title: Night Vision
Label: Blindfold Recordings
Release: 12/05/17
Genre: Progressive House

After a thrilling chat with Blindfold Recordings chief Pete Oak, we had the pleasure of checking out their next instalment. The release features 5 absolute anthems from producers spanning the spectrum. Heavyweights like Third Son, Rafael Cerato and the main man Pete Oak himself are joined by incredibly talented freshly picked artists Baime and Martin Switch. This is one of those releases that really grabs our attention!

Rafael Cerato’s ‘Wizard’ certainly works its magic. Absolutely mesmerising would be good way to describe this track. The melodic elements add a real aura of enlightenment whilst the bassline is funky and strange, just the way we like them. The break is almost cinematic, the drums are polished, everything about this track is just stunning.

Pete Oak’s ‘Ventus’ feels spacious and incredibly well balanced. The chord progression really sets off the neurons in the brain and get us feeling good. The craftsmanship put into this record is astounding and the attention to detail goes into the minute of fractions. Stunning.

Third Son’s ‘Agnus Dei’ conjures theological thought trails with the haunting cathedral like vocals. The modulating pluck sounds give the track a real fierce energy while the swinging drums give us that need to groove. This is yet another piece of exceptional work from a producer that has established himself as an innovative leader of the underground.

Baime’s track ‘The Damned’ gives off a plethora of warmth and gratification. The top line arpeggio adds that peculiar spacey vibe whilst the huge bassline that fills the low end with deep harmonics adds the emotion. The overdriven lead synth is one of the most interesting aspects of the track and it adds the final sparkle.

Martin Switch takes us into the final track of the EP with something really special in his track ‘Decadance’. The overall feeling is alot deeper and darker than the previous tracks. A bouncing low end adds to the mystical mids and trippy arp line. A lovely reverb gives space whilst some shakers and tambourines give a delightful shine in places. This is another fantastic track and a brilliant end to a brilliant EP from Blindfold Recordings.

You can read Pete Oak’s feature interview here

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