Romanian electronic music maestro BOg returns to Bedrock with the sublime ‘Moonlight EP’

Artist: BOg
Title: Moonlight EP
Label: Bedrock
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive / Techno

Next up on the faultless Bedrock label is Paris-based, Romanian electronic music maestro, BOg. He returns to the label with this superb three tracker EP entitled ‘Moonlight’. You know you are in for a treat when two of the tracks from this EP are featured on John Digweed’s ‘Live In Brooklyn’ CD.

First up on the EP is one of the two tracks I have just mentioned, ‘Moonlight’. The track is one of those perfect early in the night progressive numbers that contains an infectious bassline and a sublime twinkling melody. The track entices you with its dashes of percussion, building mid-range, and those warm pads that kick in are just stunning. A perfect track for creating tension and emotion in any DJ set. Incredible work by BOg!

The second track on the EP is ‘Eternal’ which is a little bit more techno orientated than the opening track. If you think along the lines of Alex Niggemann you won’t be far off the mark. The track has a deep pulsating bassline that throbs away underneath some fine constructed percussion and one hits. BOg still has those delightful melodic twinkles shining through! Not as much of a builder than the opener but would certainly keep the crowd interested on the dance floor.

The final track on the EP is ‘0901’ which was the second track to be featured on John Digweed’s ‘Live In Brooklyn’ and it is easy to understand why! I would say the track is a lot more housey than the two earlier tracks and has a warped like funk feel about it with electro style funk elements. The track twists and contorts its way with bleeps, deep bass, and some sampled vocal in superb fashion! Absolutely love what BOg has done here!

Three very different tracks on one superb EP! You will need this in your music collection if you are serious about quality produced underground music!

Ian French
About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and Progressive House. If he was to describe his preferred style of music he would probably describe it simply as electronic music. Besides his love for music and DJing his other passions are fine cuisine, wine, and travel.