Review : New Romanian artist BOg has rewired progressive house

Artist: BOg
Title: Rewired EP
Label: Bedrock Records
Cat no: BEDDIGI76
Release date: Out Now
Genre: Techno

When you drop the needle on a track such as “Rewired” you know it’s that one which will stand the test of time and be played for a long time to come. I see the title track from Romanian DJ/Producer BOg putting every dance floor in to a fine sweat. Out later this month on the mighty Bedrock Records, this three tracker release is bow worthy, as the pulsing flirty melody line of the title tune lulls one in to a hypnotic daze, the crisp percussives and sizzling fresh bass accompany the arrangement of the entire offering in perfect harmony. It’s that track which fits in perfectly with the times. The irresistible tingling ins and outs invigorate the ears and if this doesn’t pique your interest nothing else will.

Next up – “The Other Side Of The River” has sudsy pools of twerkings one can dive in to and the tings and pings plunges heavily downwards in to a mood filled swamp of subtle shy bass. Wild divergences of the sound palette however, make all the difference in this one. The progressive chord play fills up all the space in between just rightly so and the cutting edge musicality of BOg comes to the spot light as he pursues digital finesse like no other.

Finishing up – “Heartless City” doesn’t necessarily light up the pack and is a surprise addition to an otherwise faultless pack, the ambient come down is too seeped in subtlety and a need to show another side of the Paris based producer, which goes away from traditional dance music ends up sounding slightly forced. Having said that, this latest release from Bedrock rocks!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.