Book of the Week – Long Relationships, My incredible journey from unknown DJ to small-time DJ

Written by former DJ/producer Harold Heath, ‘Long Relationships: My Incredible Journey From Unknown DJ to Small-time DJ’ is a biographical account of a DJ career defined by a deep love of music and a shallow amount of success.

From the days of vinyl, when DJs were often also glass-collectors, to the era of megastar stadium EDM, it’s a journey of 30 odd years on a low-level, economy-class rollercoaster through the ups and downs of an ever-changing music industry.

‘Long Relationships’ is a love letter to DJing and to every small-town DJ who never made it to the big time but whose life was enriched and improved by DJing anyway. It’s packed with tales of gigs, clubs, raves, warehouses, music, record production and record deals, low-rent international travel, shady promoters, dodgy club security, magical dance floor moments and much more.

If you ever DJed, if you ever lost yourself on a dance floor, or if you ever simply fell in love with the potential contained within a dark basement, a strobe and a sound system, then this story is your story.


“Like with footballers, there are a plethora of lower-tier DJs who are just as gifted as their superstar compatriots, but for one reason or another don’t make it beyond the Vauxhall Conference league. Harold Heath is one of them. Full of highs and lows, his journey as a DJ who didn’t quite ‘make it’ is a compelling tale.”
Carl Loben (DJ Mag Editor in Chief)

“Excellent, well-written book which looks at the scene from a perspective we don’t usually get. Filled with great stories and anecdotes that had me hooked from beginning to end. A recommended read both for newbies and old veterans alike.”
DJ Colin Dale

“Anyone who has ever played records in public, who has held a room or filled a dance floor with their own selections and taken those present on a musical journey, knows how rewarding and addictive that can be. Similarly, any DJ worth her or his booking also knows the torture of playing for the drunk wedding party, of deflecting the crap requests, clearing the floor or simply no-one turning up. Harold’s book beautifully chronicles the ups and downs of life not as the superstar DJ but as a middle ranker. From shady promoters, record shop camaraderie, and the relentless travel turning days into nights, or the joy of soundtracking a sunset or hearing one of your own productions played out Long Relationships is a great read full of ‘yup, been there’ moments for any DJ or passionate music lover who’s ever put a needle on a record.”
Sally Rodgers (A Man Called Adam)

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