Book of the Week – Un-hidden Street Art in Romania Book, 2nd edition, 2021

Un-hidden Romania is a cultural programme produced by Save or Cancel, designed as a series of new art interventions and a guided art journey into public space, aiming at humanising shared grounds and promoting its understanding and exploration through art.

The Un-hidden street art in Romania (2021, 2nd edition) book in has over 100 pages of 15 cities, 8 maps, 100 local and international artists, 200 places to visit, 350 photos with murals in Romania.

The first edition was published in 2019, with a grant from AFCN. While the printed copies are sold out, it is still available as an e-book here, in the, on google books and google play.

Photography © / Save or Cancel by Petre Fall, Anita Jambor, Dan Alexandru, Alex Iacob, Ana Moca Grama, George-Andrei Ilie, Orsolya Balint

Photography © Coon One, Pass, Alexandra Pandrea, Alexandra Costea, KAPS CREW, KITRA, Andreea Sasaran, Obie Platon, J.Ace, Sibiu Street Art Festival, Robert Obert, Sinboy,

Available to buy from here

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