Born Balearic: Jon Sa Trinxa and the Spirit of Ibiza documentary

Ibiza. A sun-kissed island in the Mediterranean Sea. At the southernmost part of this island, one DJ has been playing music all day, everyday at the same beach for 25 years. His name is Jon Sa Trinxa. Jon arrived at Ibiza on a hippie bus from London. “Living on an island with the ocean and the sun. That was enough to lure me here.”

He came to Ibiza penniless, and to make matters worse, a fight with a friend was topped off with a car accident. How did he end up being a DJ at some beachside restaurant after so much misfortune? In paradise with pure freedom, he simply lives by his love of music in search of original musical styles, and DJs with a never-ending passion. His insatiable love for music has uniquely shaped his DJ style unlike any other person in the world.

The Legendary DJ of Ibiza. Every day, All day He plays Balearic Music.

Jon began his DJ career in London in 1987. He moved to Ibiza 25 years ago, and ever since has been making music from a little beach hut, or a called a “chiringuito,” located at Sa Trinxa Restaurant in Las Salinas Beach. During Ibiza’s off season, he travels around the world and brings his music with him.

While Jon’s mixes are soothing, his life has been full of ups and downs that have informed both his music and personal outlook. Whether it was chance or fate, Jon has made his career as a DJ, and has never stopped pursuing his own original style of music – “Balearic.”

Jon has a global following: not just natives of Ibiza, but people from all over Europe, North America, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan travel to the beach to see his spin. This documentary film portrays Ibiza’s music scene and the life of “the legendary DJ of Ibiza” Jon Sa Trinxa who devoted his life to music

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