BP causes more than a minor turbulence

Artist: BP
Title: A Minor Turbulence / A Minor Shadow
Label: Rewarewa
Cat no: REWA002
Release date: 16/05/2016
Genre: Progressive House

As someone whose tastes generally gravitates toward deeper, underground dance music this burst of fresh funk from New Zealand label RewaRewa just cuts it for me. A slice of electronic heaven from Belgian DJ/Producer Bruyndonx Patrick (BP) whose works have been unknown to me, yet this one’s got my attention and how.

Falling in to the first original titled, ‘A Minor Turbulence’ makes for fascinating listening. A treacherous landscape thrumming with dithering bass, nippy percussives those roll around a fog of chilly distant pads. Anyone who flirts around with the underground will recognize the far reaching qualities of this offering, right down to the qualling break down that surely reinvents the dance music wheel so to speak. Look for the subtleties with this one.

Next up, ‘A Minor Shadow’ gets back things to basics, with a techier beat straddling the insides of the track, nearly dubby as it plays out. There’s skillful free flowing bass, modulating around far away synths that join in the central motif, and then those pulses of joyful Piano and mellifluous pads wind around each other with a body rocking swing along-side. This is fluttery, quivering electronics.

Joining in the party, Belarus DJ/Producer Dmitry Molosh provides the lone remix for the second tune that goes straight for the gullet, wrapping bombastic shard-like splices of melody around flatulent bass and a shuffling, stop-start stomp. It’s quite the tonic and treat of this release and played at the appropriate moment, will be sure to have ravers in a perfect state of delirium. The slinky fat bass and squelchy interiors take you in to a fire pit of dance floor longing, increasing intensity and decreasing definition at will. Enough said!!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.