Brett Gould returns to Glasgow Underground and picks his top 10 label playlist

Currently sitting nicely in Beatport’s Top 100, Brett Gould is ready to continue his recent onslaught of releases as he gets ready to unveil his 2nd production package in as many months. After mixing Snatch’s ‘Best of 2017’ compilation and just releasing on Solardo’s Sola imprint, the London-based DJ and producer has another set of tracks that come in the form of a one-two punch and have already been causing a serious buzz on the dancefloor.

It’s been nearly seven years since Brett first signed a track to Glasgow Underground after their relaunch in 2011 and now he returns with some more heat to reignite the flame. He’s doing that by the bucket load with this release, with big early support from the likes of Danny Howard, Mark Knight, Steve Lawler, Roger Sanchez and De La Swing, not to mention an early BBC Radio 1 spin from Monki, ‘Mess with the Freak’ and ‘Hurry Up’ are already taking the tech-house sounds of 2018 to the next level.

‘Mess with the Freak’ explores the crux of Brett’s sound – crisp hi-hats, a thunderous bassline, pulsating backbeat and an eerie vocal hook that is pumped out with added rhythmic effect. Intricate synth stabs and delicate dark key melodies add deeper vibes as this controlled mayhem will have you pumping your fists in no time. On producing the track Brett added:

“With ‘Mess with the Freak’ I found someone talking about their production so I ripped their words and then pitched the voice down with some reverb. I actually used some really clean drums and wanted to create a deeper groove for my sets rather than a constant tech-house feel which I do most of the time. The bass was from Retrologue which is a really underrated synth. It had a dirty analogue feel so I was happy working with those tools.”

Flexing his versatile tech-house muscle even further, ‘Hurry Up’ demonstrates Brett’s unique ability to come up with something new every time he sits down in the studio. With a gruelling, groove-infested bassline – the whole record moves with nothing but energy from the world ‘go.’ Again, fired up by chaos, the atmospheric sample hits and effortless vocals take this one to another level. On producing ‘Hurry Up,’ Brett said:

“With ‘Hurry Up’ again I found the hook by accident and then felt it suited a more house feel. The synths are quite electro and I just went on that vibe. After Kevin had signed them to Glasgow Underground he asked me to give both tracks more punch so I put some extra mid to high percussion to balance the whole mix and give them both a bit more energy. His A & R was on point as always.”

With Brett intensifying his polished productions to the max, ‘Mess with the Freak’ and ‘Hurry Up’ are set to make some serious damage on the dancefloor – get involved!

01. Brett Gould – Mess With The Freak

Very happy with this one! Not my usual tech-house but I like to think about my sets when I’m producing, so this had a slightly deeper edge to it. No drum or snare rolls, more of a progressive feel. I used the synth as a build and tried to keep the track as groovy as possible – it still bangs though. It takes the crowd on a journey rather than a jump up tune. I get a great response every time. Perfect for Glasgow Underground.

02. Romanthony – Floor Piece – Claptone Remix

You would have to put a gun to my head for me not to take this tune to every gig. This is for me the best thing Claptone did and will ever do. Romanthony’s words are so powerful, he tells a story all the way through the track and the tone of his voice is perfect. Romanthony is a godfather of house – this track can really set the tone in my sets.

03. Piem – Together

One of the best tracks of 2017 by far. Piem is one of my favourite producers. As soon as I heard this I knew it was a floor filler. This track was an inspiration for me when I was writing ‘Take Me Up’ for Glasgow Underground. The energy levels in the mid to high frequencies are perfect here for house. The vocal is a massive hook – I love watching the crowd reaction on the vocal.

04. Illyus and Barrientos – Strings – Camelphat Remix

This was Camelphat on their upward journey and what an absolute banger. It’s dark and groovy all the way through then flips into a euphoric break with the vocal, strings and piano. I played this at Egg Club recently and it completely went off.

05. Solaris Heights – Together – Kevin McKay Remix

Class remix from Kevin, the original is sick too. Kevin creates a groove all the way through and keeps the deeper elements which work with funky synths. But again it’s the vocal on this, it’s catchy but not cheesy. It relates to the floor. A proper club vocal.

06. Kevin McKay ‘What You Want’ J Paul Ghetto Remix

This is an absolute floor filler. I really believe this track had potential to cross over from the underground to the main stream. One of the funkiest, most laidback house tunes I have. I play this in my terrace or warm up sets as it’s definitely one for the ladies.

07. Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love – Loquace Remix

Don’t get me wrong the original is an anthem but for me Loquace turns this into a sexy thought provoking monster. His groove fits with my tech house sets. Real filthy beats and dark synths. These tracks that combine the dark and light always work for me.

08. Brett Gould ‘Hurry Up’

A feel-good track from myself that wasn’t planned at all! In-fact I was writing something completely different and looking for a classic synth sound. The ‘Hurry Up’ vocal was at the beginning of a track and I just thought I need to sample it! So, the track was born with the vocal hook first. I built the drums and then found some classic electro plucky synths. It came together quite quick.

09. Metodi Hristov – Step Outside

This was when Metodi was coming into his own with his unique sound. Dark and groovy techno, rolling basslines with abstract sounds that fly across the speakers. Another one of my favourite producers. I saw him play for Famillia at Egg and he destroyed the floor.

10. Brett Gould – Rhythm Drop

This was my first Beatport success. I based the production and arrangement of the vocals around Darius Syrossian’s ‘House Is House’ and the keys on Demarzo’s ‘Draw a Line’ – both on Hot Creations. It worked!

Brett Gould – Mess with the Freak / Hurry Up is out now


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