Brian Cid releases Extinct Dream Series 01

Artist: Brian Cid
Title: Extinct Dreams Series 01
Label: Extinct Records
Release: 19/08/2015
Genre: Deep House/Progressive/Tech-House

Based out of Brooklyn, underground music producer and DJ par excellence treats us to a spanking fresh EP titled, “Extinct Dreams Series”, show-casing all new originals, a handful of delectable tunes that make him shine out.

First up, “Double Vision” portrays an excruciatingly awesome amount of staid sauciness, the one that’s made out of a different mold. Brimming over with filthy bass, it’s punchy and almost impossible not to dance to. The melodics flow out of the speakers, and the landscape is of belchy smoke filled club nights, like no other.

Next up, “Rotation”, quickly takes up the place of being my favorite of the pack. It’s the one, that leaves a lasting impression. Pinned on a loose bass line, the cool and collected pace of this work is outstanding, as one feels the sinewy build up at the back ground of unhinged melody play. The tongue-in-cheek beauteous tinkles give you those goose bumps right when you hit the break-down. The understated House percussion is plucky and soupy all at once, and you know quality when you hit this up.

“Allure” fattens up the middle of the release, given that there’s a slight raise in tempo, with sped up chunks of bass and wonky pulsing center, the digital fuzz against a brassy electronic body that yet has the postmodern histrionics of a producer who knows his craft, is just too good to sample.

Finishing up, “Moonside Riddles” mellifluous vocalism and techy grooves is simply – “I’m dancing too much to complain” fare. A hard driving piece of work in comparison to the rest of the pack, the tingling pulsing melody is a staccato reminder of days gone by and what things were. Brian Cid is obviously an expert in production matters and more importantly knows how to balance the elements of one track with the other.

This is excellent stuff coming out of his new series of music work.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.