Brick Lanes Cafe 1001 launches loft audio bar

Cafe 1001 get back to basics and have reimagined the renowned party venue into a high-end audio bar. Focusing on the charm of the notorious venue, the team have been sympathetic to the original features of the venue whilst adding a brand new custom soundsystem, custom built DJ booth, an improved interior, and renewed focus on talent booking. The launch weekend lands next week, starting on Thursday, January 26th, with James Priestley & friends of Cafe 1001 followed, over the weekend with Shaolin Cowboy, COEO headline and Wolf music on Sunday. The stripped-down decor will play host to a new era of Cafe 1001 and revert to a more guided booking strategy that will help elevate the brand to new heights in the coming years. Nestled just off Brick Lane, Cafe 1001 will have great music, a lively atmosphere, regular food pop-ups, and a constant stream of events in a new format.

Luca Pilato, General Manager of Cafe 1001 says “Cafe 1001 is a venue close to people’s hearts. I’ve had countless people remark how they spent their youth drinking Red Stripes on the terrace or slumped upstairs in the loft area all weekend. You can still do that but in a more comfortable and refined setting. We’ve created a music lovers paradise with a quality sound system, a feature DJ booth and DJ cabinets and programmed authentic DJs without the formality of your usual audiophile bars. It’s still Cafe 1001, don’t worry, people still graffiti in the toilets and a Red Stripe is still only £5!”

The headliners booked in covering the festivities include James Priestly on Thursday, January 26th, a true master of his craft, DJ and producer who’s carved out a reputation as one of the most versatile and innovative artists in the electronic music scene. Shaolin Cowboy follows on Friday 27th, a DJ and producer known for his eclectic and genre-spanning sets. He has a unique ability to seamlessly blend together a wide range of musical styles, including hip-hop, funk, and soul, creating a truly diverse and captivating listening experience. COEO wraps up the weekend on Saturday 28th, the Toy Tonics German duo will take on the new loft space for an evening full of disco and four-to-the-floor grooves. Sunday sees a new event brand Sunday Supper Club which will see Wolf music programming 4+ hours of music while renowned chef Henry Freestone (Peckham Cellars) takes over the kitchen for the evening curating a pop up menu for the night.

Don Heston the man behind the Jumbi DJ booth was contracted to curate a booth and vinyl cabinets behind to add that missing aesthetic to the loft area of Cafe 1001. The booth and matching cabinets are made completely of oak that is sustainable, hand-selected and treated to provide a deep smoked dark oak look. Along with the rebated LED lighting arrangement this special touch produces a captivating audio and visual experience that is sure to hold visitors’ attention. The dancing area is flanked by 4 Klipsch Heresy speakers on each corner, with an extra punch coming from Funktion 1 F10 and BR118 and 2 Eltax Vintage PWR 1959 speakers. Cafe 1001 in London is the ultimate destination for music lovers. Known for its vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces, this eclectic space located in the heart of Brick Lane, offers a wide range of music events.

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