Brighton Music Conference News: NTIA’s Alan D Miller heralds 24 hour night tube and positive affect of 24 hour licensing for uk culture and economy

On Friday 5 June 2015, Alan D Miller Chairman of The NTIA took part in the keynote at Brighton Music Conference Protecting The Dance Floor. Hosted by AFEM Director Mark Lawrence and featuring Stuart Knight Director of Toolroom Records, Alan D Miller highlighted the enormous new challenges facing Night Time Operators in the UK ­ and the importance of Protecting The Dance Floor. The NTIA, which recently launched, is very much at home at Brighton Music Conference, among contemporaries that have helped shape British creativity. While seeking to have as many new members join, there is a central message that The NTIA will be making.

“We have seen that despite fears 10 years ago that 24 hour licensing would lead to crime & disorder ­ a new report from The Institute of Economic Affairs demonstrates that crime has decreased and late night licensing has spread the offering available and contributed to a better environment for leisure, entertainment and our cities. This is a time to celebrate ­ not to regulate.” – Alan D Miller

However, despite the good news, there are serious issues facing Night Time Operators in the UK. From the treatment of Glasgow¹s The Arches in Scotland to licensing restrictions in London and clampdowns up and down the country around dubious notions of ³Anti Social Behaviour² and Œcrime¹, our dance floors are being targeted.

“If people in Britain want to go out and enjoy themselves after 10pm, there are increasing obstacles. The latest is the wholly misguided concept of breathalysing citizens outside clubs, football stadiums and even McDonalds in Cambridge. We at The NTIA believe British citizens are decent and on the whole well behaved ­ as the evidence proves ­ and visitors to the UK are too. It¹s time to champion the Night Time Industries and to stop these wrong practices.” – Alan D Miller

Over the next two weeks following Brighton Music Conference, Alan D Miller shall be making a number of speaking appearances with Transport For London (TFL) on 10 June at The O2 Academy and at City of London Festival with The Institute of Ideas on 25 June. In the run up to 24 hour underground provision, TFL of course recognize the enormous importance of The Night Time Industries to the UK. The NTIA hopes that licensing authorities take on board the recent good news ­ and indeed the massive contribution that the UK operators, owners, promoters, DJs and other entrepreneurs and workers make to local economies and indeed the UKs GDP. “We need our fellow owners and operators to sign up with us so that we can be an even stronger voice in the UK. We are the cauldron and conduit of creativity ­ and we must Protect The Dance Floor.” said Mr Miller

“The Night Time is where so much excitement and inspiration occurs. It is difficult to imagine the post-war period with all the fashion, design, art and music that has shaped Britain and influenced the world without the Night Time Industry. This is why I support The Night Time Industry Association and believe we should champion, not curb one of our most dynamic sectors” –  Matt Clark Mother Group and NTIA Advisor Board Member

At a time when late Night Operators are increasingly coming under pressure from a range of challenges, the NTIA feels it is vital to join forces to protect and promote one of the most valuable sectors, both culturally and economically in Britain today.

More information on how operators can sign up can be found on the NTIA website

Institute of Economic Affairs Report by C Snowdon