Brooklyn-based producer BAILE provides exquisite remix of the latest Sasha track

Artist: Sasha
Title: Singularity
Label: Last Night On Earth
Released: 26th January 2018 – Pre-order
Genre: Progressive

Any new Sasha track getting released gets the Progressive House community excited with anticipation. Will it be that ID he has been hammering all year that has had many failed Shazam attempts at tracking it down? Well luckily for many Sasha fans, yes it is. This track has featured in many of Sasha’s live sets and on some of his Last Night On Earth podcasts. The track is called ‘Singularity’…

In true Sasha style, the track is based on a single strong element or hook which will be clearly recognisable to anyone who has heard this track. The main element is a distorted kick drum layered with a punchy bass note that weaves in and out of the track alongside some really nice sounding rhythmic textures. The track grooves along and pulsates with elements dipping in and out intricately, building a pumping atmosphere and then drops into an ethereal pad laden breakdown. We are then brought back up to the distorted kick drum coming back in and the track chugs along with a really nice groove after the breakdown. It is a really nice return to the label for Sasha and adds nicely to the recent releases on the label from artists such as Dubspeeka, Acumen and John Monkman.

On remix duties is an up and coming artist hailing from Brooklyn, New York City. BAILE’s remix is a superb melody-laden, deeper alternative to the original. The track starts off with a focus on the ethereal pads and one of the main rhythmic textures and builds on this with the addition of a rather nice bass layer which alternates pitch and blends in beautifully with the pads and as the track progresses there are several nice melodic patterns which drift in and out of the track.

According to the latest Last Night on Earth podcast, BAILE will be releasing some music this year on the label and if this remix is anything to go by, we can all look forward to something really special. Sasha seems to have taken a liking to BAILE, as he will be supporting Sasha at his Refracted Live shows in London and Manchester next month.

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About the Author

George is a house music producer & DJ, touching on Progressive and Techno. He is signed to Pro B Tech Managements artist’s roster and has released music on labels including Pro B Tech, B-Tech Noir, ICONYC, Plethora, Clinique and more. His DJ sets and productions are atmospheric, melodic and sometimes groovy. George has played the piano from a young age and has since moved on to electronic music, digital and analog synth’s and DJing using many formats including vinyl, CDJs, Traktor & Ableton.